It's Time For An Intervention.

Is it it time for the American taxpayers to step in and do an Intervention on Congress? They’re showing all the classic symptoms of an addict.

Addiction: The state of being enslaved to a habit or practice or to something that is psychologically or physically habit-forming.

Addictions come in many varieties. Our society is riddled with: alcoholism, illicit drugs, prescription drug abuse, gambling, sexual addiction, pornography, cigarette smoking, and food addiction. All of these addictions share one thing in common; they bring temporary pleasure at the expense of long-term harmful consequences.

In their case, it’s an addiction to ‘power’. Like many addictions, this one is often accompanied by the presence of deviant behaviors (hiding, lying, fraud, stealing, cover-ups), compulsive behaviors (checking doors, excessive hand wringing, constantly blaming former presidents) and abnormal behaviors (emotional instability, anger, depression, arrogance, narcsism, dilussional, anxiety/panic attacks, tea bag fetishes). Enough said.

It’s time to be compassionate. We must help them. We must Intervene. So, how do we do it?