Public Policy Polling (PPP) should be ashamed of themselves

I believe its fairly common knowledge that PPP is a biased propaganda outlet for the DNC. Having a bias is fine. Having a bias and pretending you don’t isn’t fine but it seems like its par for the course. Worse than that though is using your position as a supposedly integrous source of public opinion data to push narratives in cooperation with the Democratic party. Here are 2 infuriating examples of them doing this.

1. PPP polls Ohio, finds Obama up by 5 (September 9, 2012)

The usual things to look at in polls like this are over sampling of Democrats, this poll has Dems +4 which seems fair but I can’t seem to find a resource to confirm that. But that’s not my point with this poll. Look at Questions 14 and 15:

14. Who do you think gives better speeches:
Barack Obama or Mitt Romney?

15. Who do you think deserves more credit for the
killing of Osama bin Laden: Barack Obama or
Mitt Romney? (!)

Question 14 was asked solely to provide cover for the president after his massive egg he laid at the convention. Of course every lemming with a brain stem is going to say the president gives better speeches, they’ve had it pounded into their skulls since 2004.

Question 15 is just incredible. Why even ask that question? What did Mitt Romney ever have to do with the killing of Bin Laden? #14 was simply to help push a narrative, #15 was borderline push polling. Hey guys, remember when I killed Bin Laden? I know you guys really need jobs but seriously, Bin Laden.

Just to add to the absurdity, here we have the President of PPP giving us his sage wisdom: “It’s hard to see a path to victory for Mitt Romney without Ohio,” said Dean Debnam, President of Public Policy Polling. “But Barack Obama’s led in our polling there all year and now his advantage is getting larger.”

Thanks Dean.

2. PPP rushes Missouri Senate Poll after Todd Akin self-immolates. August 20, 2012

This poll was conducted THE SAME DAY Akin made his legitimate rape comment. Common sense dictates it takes longer for the real effects of an event to take hold. The real issue is that this data was released in the midst of a strong push from the GOP to get Akin to step aside. Akin even pointed to this poll that showed him still leading by a point to help him justify staying in the race. 2 days later, Rasmussen has McCaskill +10. Barring a miracle, you don’t ambiguously question the legitimacy of certain ‘kinds’ of rape and survive politically. PPP clearly tried to help the McCaskill campaign in their efforts to keep Akin in the race, as they had been doing all along.

PPP… you suck.

P.S. did you know Obama killed Bin laden?

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