Romney pranks the press; The left loses their minds

So apparently either Mitt Romney or a staffer put a note on the press’ bus ribbing them for having such a nice bus, you can see it here:


The note says “You guys have it way too soft — nice ride. -Mitt P.S. — Erased your hard drives.”

Obviously this is a joke and I thought it was kind of funny, apparently I was dead wrong. Take a quick visit over to the daily kos to which I wont link. The top post right now is titled “Dick Romney” and the commenters have gone completely apoplectic. Read the comments over there, its even funnier than Romney’s joke, just not intentionally so.

“Poor Willard lusts for power. Power, to be felt, has to hurt.  So, Willard inflicts hurt (assaulting people, cutting their hair, erasing their information base) in order to feel powerful.”

“He’s Nixon reborn.”

Did he really write or is it snark ?? I can’t keep up any more ……If he did write it, how does he intend to get elected FAIRLY, alienating the voters, the media and etc. ? I guess he is just counting on dirty tricks and voter suppression to get him over the hump and into 51% territory. Really sad for our country. Especially if it works.

There is more, including people expressing the belief that Mitt Romney would throw a disabled person over a cliff. Not even metaphorically, literally. I have no idea what planet these people are on. Can they not take a joke. Its painfully obvious that most of them don’t even realize that he didn’t actually erase their hard drives. The collective brainpower is strong with that group. A couple people dared speak up to say they weren’t quite sure what the big deal was and they were swiftly slapped down. Anyways, just thought you’d like to share in the laughs.

I can’t believe that a person started with Mitt Romney writing a joke on a piece of paper and ended up at conspiracy to commit voter fraud? How do you make these kinds of logical conclusions?