What I have learned from Art Chance

Art was a long term poster on this board before he decided throw his lot with a sore loser.

He had years of insight on the inner workings of state government and politics.  I respected his opinion and the education he provided via his postings. His writings provided and will continue to provide an education for this gut-level conservative.

When I read his work, I would always hear either the voice of Sam Eliot or Yosemite Sam, depending on the tone of his writing.  He was (and is) much like a grizzled NCO in the military that new the rules and regulations better than his CO.  When he was right he was a pain in the ass.  When he was wrong, he was worse.

When someone you respected or admired let’s you down, it’s not only disappointing, it hurts.  But I’ve been let down before.  I will be let down again.  However, it’s not as if I didn’t see this coming.   Most of us did.  What I have learned to do is take the ripe fruit and leave behind the rotten.

I have learned governments run by democrats are created to not to protect the rights of the people, but to keep them in power.  I’ve learned it takes years if not decades to undo and reverse democrat policies and shrink government.  The inner workings of government are not pretty, and are not meant to be.  It’s best to find hard nosed, practical, and dedicated people to keep a Governor from stumbling into a situation he cannot handle, or a trap laid by his enemies.

Sadly, that’s not all I learned.  Art was loyal to a fault.  That loyalty caused him lose it on several occasions on this site.  Sometimes he was really full of himself.  Rarely was a blog big enough to hold his ego during one of his tantrums.  If you disagreed with him, you were an idiot.

To him, politics was a bloodsport.  He loved drawing blood and reactions from trolls and fellow posters.  When he turned his talents on lefties, it was fun.  When he did the same to posters, it was like watching a fight take place between two family members you love.  You don’t care who is right.  You just want it to stop.

Art also hated “THAT WOMAN!” I think he had the kind of hatred for her that some men reserve exclusively for their ex-wives.  There were few times he could think about her objectively.

The ultimate truth is he let his emotions get the best of him.  For all his knowledge and insight, he couldn’t see the overarching goal of what the country needs right now.  In his mind, he has put the country behind his state.  The gator will eat him last, but it will eat him if we can’t take the house and get 41 or more solid, reliable conservative votes in the senate.

With this diary, I might have now surpassed Jaded and Scope as President of the You Are A Dumb Idiot Club.  That’s fine.  Nothing he can say to me was any worse than when an Air Force NCO tore into me at Lackland AFB.

The last thing I learned from Art is know thine enemy.  Joe Miller’s team needs to search this site for everything Achance ever posted and keep it on hand.  It will prove valuable to understanding what they will face in the next 40 days.