Jesus is making rolls...

Inspired by Jesus Goes to Jail posted by Erick back in April, I give you Jesus, makin’ rolls.

My family came home from Church one Sunday, and I started asking my Daughter about the picture she colored in Sunday School.

“Hi sweety!  Who is this?” I asked, looking at a picture of Jesus opening a scroll.

“Jesus,” she replied.

“What is he doing?” I asked further.

“He’s cooking.”

Now this caught me off guard.  I wanted to see where this went, so I asked my Daughter what he was cooking.

“He’s making rolls.”

I looked at the way the scroll drawn on the picture.  Yeah… I can see how it would look that way to a three year old.  I called my wife in to have my daughter explain what Jesus was doing.  When my Daughter explained… we both left the room, fell on the floor, and laughed ourselves silly.