Confessions of a Racist.

So I’m flipping channels, and I see Cownell grad Keith Obamaman is on.  I got physically ill.  I almost puked.  Keith, like the rest of his MSNBC palls, decided to use cheap sexual references about the tea parties.  As if that wasn’t bad enough, He had Jennine Garafalo on.

In the echo chamber of empty headed left wing thought, these two idiots were glorifying in all their smugness.  Garafalo said that “right-wingers would believe anything except the truth.”  First they started saying something about the shape of the brain in people that are conservative.  They sound as foolish as the people that said physical differences in blacks and whites made whites mentally superior.  Then they called the people at the tea parties are Racist!

Ah yes, Jennine.  Being upset at bailing out Banks and GM and Chrysler is racist.  Being upset because my government took my money to give it to banks, to loan it back to me with interest… is racist.  Being upset at Congress, the majority made up of white males, is racist.  Being upset at my two senators who voted for this thing, both of whom are white males, is racist.  Being upset that George Bush approved the first round of bailouts for the mortgage industry is racist.  Being upset that Barack Obama has signed into law a bill that will put not only me into debt, but my daughter and any children she has decades from now is racist.  Being upset that government is taking on roles in my life that the men who founded the country never intended it to take on is racist.  Being upset that I may have to watch my daughter be forced into “voluntary service” is racist.

Never mind that my parents WHO ARE FROM THE SOUTH taught me from the time I was born that there are no differences between black and white or any color as far as God is concerned, seeing as how he breathed the breath of life into all of us.  Never mind that I go to a church where the pastor, MY Pastor, is black.  Never mind my wife and I are looking into adopting children, and are willing to take any color child that comes along.

How funny that Jennine is projecting her own infantile ranting on the people that have good, sound, well thought out reasons to be upset at the direction and actions of our Government for the last several years (Yes, years – remember the reason Republicans lost the House and Senate was they SPENT TO MUCH!)

So to Jennine and Cownell Keith – Go Rahm Emmanuel yourselves.