Newest Assult on 2nd Amendment OR...

You’re too stupid to carry a gun.  By 20/20

I haven’t seen the show yet.  It hasn’t aired, but I will watch, and then tear it to shreds.

I will start early with the example I saw on Regis and Kelly this morning.

The video they show while Diane Sawyer is speaking is of a robbery of a store.  The clerk and the bad guy (lets call him what he is) are both armed.  The point is made that while about 6 or so feet apart, 14 shots are exchanged.  None of the shots hit their intended targets. 

Here’s the conclusion I came to after seeing that video and hearing that statement (and sure many of not all of you will too),  HOW MANY SHOTS WOULD HAVE HIT THEIR TARGET IF THE CLERK HAD NOT BEEN ARMED?  Continuing to state the obvious, the clerk being armed forced the bad guy to take cover and eventually leave. 

Here’s the part that really steamed me.  Diane Sawyer states that some 30% of US house holds have fire arms.  Then she goes on to insinuate that all the children in those households are playing with the guns.  Again here’s the theme – You’re too stupid to own a gun.

More to come after I force myself to sit through this…