Virginia Congressional Districts

I’ve read a few post on RS that sound something like this- “Everything north of Richmond is Blue” or “Everything north of Richmond has gone over to the Dark Side.”

I’ve gotten kinda irritated at this because I live north of Richmond, and my county is fairly Red (the good non-Communist American Freedom loving Red.)  So I’ve decided to post a picture and a link that displays the current VA congressional layout.  I think I have a grasp of the eastern half of Virginia, having lived in Hampton Roads (as a member of the US Air Force) and now as a contractor living in Stafford County.  I’m not so familiar with why western Virginia and Richmond are blue (though I can make an educated guess about Richmond.)

The quick and dirty is this: Stop generalizing about Virginia. 

Here’s the picture that I *ahem* borrowed from Wikipedia and the link to the picture. 


Here is a second link that breaks down Virginia by district and county if you have a hard time following the next few paragraphs.



Virginia Congressional Districts by party.svg

5th and 9th Districts: The two most South West districts are blue.  The 5th District (the big blue blob in the center) has been a Democrat Stonghold since after World War II.  (This information was gathered using www.govtrack.us)  I don’t know how the 5th district has changed since 1947, but I suspect it has contained Charlottesville in every interation.  The most western district, the 9th, has had the same congressman since 1982.  It was previously Republican. 

1st, 2nd, and 3rd Districts: Most of you know where Richmond is.  Richmond is in the 3rd district in the eastern half of the state (the blue island surrounded by red not on the coast in the south eastern portion of the state).  The 1st district has been Republican since 1977.  This district is the eastern district on the coast.  This first district contains areas near Langley Air Force Base (Langley itself is in the 2nd district), Fredricksburg, and Stafford county.  The second district was Republican since 2000, but Thelma Drake lost her re-election bid in 2008 by 52%-48%.  The 2nd District is composed of the section of virginia not connected to the rest of the state (the little part that hangs off Maryland-the blue island on the eastern most part of the state and the southen most coastal area, including Virginia Beach, Langley AFB, and Norfolk NAS (heavily military). 

Much of what is geographically northern Virginia is Red.  The 1st, 4th (southern most red district), 6th(the western most red district), 7th (right next to the 1st), and the 10th are held by Republicans. 

Part of the reason I constructed this post is because research and presentation is one of the ways I learn new information (thanks to the TONS of briefings I presented during my brief stint in the Air Force.)

I welcome those of you RSers that live in Virginia to fill in the blanks.  This is not a complete study.  I really just wanted everyone outside the state to know where VA stands as far as red vs blue congressional districts.

Bottom line – please don’t group me in with the Democrat distracts near D.C. held by Congressman Connolly and Congressman Moran.