The People Said, "Give Us A King!"

I was thinking about this past election, and I find a striking similarity to a passage in 1st Samuel Chapter 8:4-22.  The Word will be black with normal text.  My comments will be in blue and italics. 

4 Then all the responsible men of Israel got together and went to Samuel at Ramah,

5 And said to him, See now, you are old, and your sons do not go in your ways: give us a king now to be our judge, so that we may be like the other nations.  (Amazing how many of Obama’s supporters are pushing us to be like Europe, and not keep us the special Nation we are.)

6 But Samuel was not pleased when they said to him, Give us a king to be our judge. And Samuel made prayer to the Lord.

7 And the Lord said to Samuel, Give ear to the voice of the people and what they say to you: they have not been turned away from you, but they have been turned away from me, not desiring me to be king over them. (We’ve traded away a relationship with God, for safety and security from earthly government, giving our freedom over to the state.)

8 As they have done from the first, from the day when I took them out of Egypt till this day, turning away from me and worshipping other gods, so now they are acting in the same way to you. (Since the 60’s the culture has been in decline, Abortion being our biggest problem.)

9 Give ear now to their voice: but make a serious protest to them, and give them a picture of the sort of king who will be their ruler. (We warned the country what kind of president Obama would be.)

10 And Samuel said all these words of the Lord to the people who were desiring a king.

11 And he said, This is the sort of king who will be your ruler: he will take your sons and make them his servants, his horsemen, and drivers of his war-carriages, and they will go running before his war-carriages; (Obama wants to create the national Statist service requirement for young people.  Thank God I already have Military service and am already 30 years old.)

12 And he will make them captains of thousands and of fifties; some he will put to work ploughing and cutting his grain and making his instruments of war and building his war-carriages.

13 Your daughters he will take to be makers of perfumes and cooks and bread-makers.

14 He will take your fields and your vine-gardens and your olive-gardens, all the best of them, and give them to his servants. (Do I even need to go here?)

15 He will take a tenth of your seed and of the fruit of your vines and give it to his servants. (A tenth.  I’d be extatic if my taxes were only a tenth.  But the point here is that your hard work will go towards the state, or at that time the King.  And what recourse do you have against a king?)

16 He will take your men-servants and your servant-girls, and the best of your oxen and your asses and put them to his work.

17 He will take a tenth of your sheep: and you will be his servants.

18 Then you will be crying out because of your king whom you have taken for yourselves; but the Lord will not give you an answer in that day. (Here is the scarry part.  I really hope that when the country wakes up, as we are seeing signs of now, it’s not too late for us.  Since our system of government is vastly different from that of the children of Israel, I believe this to be the case.)

19 But the people gave no attention to the voice of Samuel; and they said, No, but we will have a king over us,

20 So that we may be like the other nations, and so that our king may be our judge and go out before us to war. (Our arguments were not listened to.  Obama won the election.)

21 Then Samuel, after hearing all the people had to say, went and gave an account of it to the Lord.

22 And the Lord said to Samuel, Give ear to their voice and make a king for them. Then Samuel said to the men of Israel, Let every man go back to his town.

Well, that is it.  I hope this gets read and commented on.  I find the similarities frightening.  God actually tells Samuel to give the people ECONOMIC arguments to reject the path they are bound and determined to follow.  There are reasons for that… I believe it’s because the spiritual arguments wouldn’t work, and God appealed to what he knew would be the best chance for them to make the right decision… but’s that is getting into theology, and my opinion… so this is as far as I will go down that road. 

This entire post was just to bring out the similarities between our situation and that of Israel in biblical time.  Histroy has a way of repeating itself.  Please comment.