Survey results illustrate media taints convention coverage

Impact of the Convention

  • The Convention has created large numbers of positive impressions of Romney but this effect is being somewhat offset by highly negative information elsewhere
  • Convention Watchers:
    • 67% more favorable rating
    • 33% less favorable
  • Nightly news watchers:
    • 28% more favorable rating
    • 72% less favorable

Favorite Speech

  • A plurality of likely voters in key swing states who have been paying attention to the convention were able to recall Ann Romney’s speech. More than a third could recall Chris Christie’s speech.  Night one speeches have very high recall among likely voters because they have had a full news cycle of coverage whereas night two speakers have not yet been covered extensively in the press.
    • Convention Speech recall
      • Ann Romney: 44%
      • Chris Christie 37%
  • Ann Romney’s speech was the clear favorite among likely voters in key swing states with Chris Christie’s speech coming in second.  
    • Convention Speech Favorite Speaker Night 1
      • Ann Romney: 33%
      • Chris Christie 16%

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