It's time to lead

This article was co-written by Chris Wilson and Daniel Narvaiz

It will not be six months before the world tests Barack Obama like they did John Kennedy. The world is looking. – Joe Biden

Six months into the Obama administration has arrived and with it the tests from rogue states.

Iranian President Ahmadinejad made clear his desire to acquire nuclear weapons and become the dominant player in the Middle East. Recent polling by Terror Free Tomorrow in conjunction with The Center for Public Opinion finds that 62% of Iranians oppose any peace treaty recognizing Israel and favor all Muslims fighting until there is no state of Israel in the Middle East. A majority of Iranians (52%) favor the development of nuclear weapons and a substantial number (49%) say that developing an nuclear weapons arsenal should be a priority for the nation. Ahmadinejad and his people want nuclear weapons and it is not a stretch to believe they will use them on Israel and on US friendlies in the region.

North Korean Dictator Kim Jong-il may be a mad man, but he is a mad man with access to nuclear weapons and ballistic missiles. Over the course of the last month the North Korean dictator successfully tested a nuclear weapon. He followed the nuclear test with the launch of several ballistic missiles.

The American public is much more ready to take action against the rising Iranian and North Korean nuclear threats than its government seems to be.

A recent McLaughlin & Associates poll finds that over seventy percent of American voters say that the United States would not be safe with a nuclear Iran. Eighty percent also believe that it is likely that Iran will launch a missile attack on Israel, our key ally in the region.

An April Rasmussen Reports survey found that likely voters were already ready to strike North Korea (57% stated that the United States should take military action to eliminate North Korea’s ability to launch long range missiles if North Korea launched a long range missile). The same survey also found that 46% of likely voters already consider North Korea an enemy of the United States.

While the White House uses kid gloves on Iran and North Korea, Republicans actually have an opportunity to drive an issue advantage home.

We at WRS will be examining the impact of specific language on this issue over the next several months. That understood, some initial representations of the liberal Obama/Clinton/Pelosi foreign policy agenda that should work depending on the race or district include:

  • 1970’s liberal weakness: Dealing with rogue states that test fire missiles, build nuclear bombs, harass their neighbors and even attack Americans with diplomacy that amounts to “a stern talking to.”
  • A new isolationism: Turning away from our leading role in the world and our commitments to our allies by basically saying that North Korea and Iran “aren’t our problem” and that “neighboring countries should clean up the mess.”

Those are two big tests for the Obama Administration and so far their response has been right out of a Hollywood caricature…

Hans Blix: Or else we will be very angry with you… and we will write you a letter, telling you how angry we are.