Super Tuesday: Most Missed the Mark-While Mitt beats Rick....Only Newt beats Obama

On Super Tuesday, I was attending night school and missed most of the coverage. As soon as I got back, I logged on to RS and to my dismay found many references to Newt’s supposedly  horrible victory speech. Friends of Fox Juan Williams, probably still smarting from his liver being eaten by Newt complained that people should stop giving Newt any more money. Most complained that Newt’s $2.50 a gallon gas was just pandering and that his speech was too long.

So I went to www.Newt.org and listened to all 25 minutes of it. I honestly couldn’t find anything not to like about it. And true to form, Newt found a way to put a noose around Obama’s neck and somehow tied the energy millstone to that noose. Critics are simply dishonest for saying that candidates must focus on Obama and yet not crediting Newt for doing it in a way that only he can. For those who complained that his speech was too long failed to note that Ann Romney took even longer in her husband’s victory speech and she wasn’t even the candidate!


Wolf said it so well here:-


Here are some clips:-

In a 30-minute video titled “$2.50 per Gallon Gasoline, Energy Independence and Jobs,” Mr. Gingrich unveiled his vision for renewed American prosperity centered around oil and natural-gas production. He demonstrated his unparalleled insight into the intersection of energy, security and prosperity. Mr. Gingrich rightly declared that never again should an American president bow before a Saudi king. Meanwhile, Mr. Obama, stung by his recent half-billion-dollar failed Solyndra boondoggle, began floating his latest green fantasy of harvesting algae to cure the pain at the pump.

Panicked by Mr. Gingrich, Mr. Obama was forced off his game and repeatedly tried to respond, only making matters worse for himself. He stayed true to the Democrats’ anti-energy agenda and mocked Republicans for wanting to drill for new oil. This made the president the butt of a joke for Jay Leno on “The Tonight Show”: Democrats claim that new drilling for oil won’t help us for at least 10 years, but haven’t they been saying that now for more than 10 years?

Mr. Obama boasts that oil production is up under his administration. True, but only because the president hasn’t yet stopped production on privately owned land. Mr. Gingrich cut right through his profound dishonesty: “Under President Obama, because he is so anti-American-energy, we have actually had a 40 percent reduction in development of oil offshore, and we have had a 40 percent reduction in the development of oil on federal lands,” Mr. Gingrich pounced. “So in the area he controls, production is down and the area that is hard at the free enterprise stuff where people get rich, production is up. So he is now claiming credit for the area he can’t control in order to have us think he is actually for what he opposes.”

Mr. Gingrich reduced the once-confident “Yes, we can!” 2008 version of Mr. Obama into the backpedaling “It’s not my fault” 2012 version right before our eyes. A defensive Mr. Obama dissembled: “We know there’s no silver bullet that will bring down gas prices or reduce our dependence on foreign oil overnight.” Wait, what about that algae?


Listen to Newt’s speech again……


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