Gop establishment adding intense pressure on Newt to quit.....

Guys like Dick Armey came out very strongly against Newt for not quitting and his so called personal vendetta against the GOP front runner. Apparently, Newt must clear the way for Romney. Whatever happened to the other 45 states yet to vote? So nobody has anything to say about Romney’s outspending Newt in negative ads?

Will guys like Dick Armey also call on Romney to tone down his attacks on Newt? On a level playing field with no negative ads, it will be Newt Gingrich by a landslide. I
can’t see Romney stopping his negative ads. It has been proven time and again that they works. And Romney’s super PAC has tons of money. Romney will just let off for a while and whenever Newt draws too close for comfort, his super PAC will unleash those same negative ads. It does not matter that most of those negative ads had been proven to be false.

It is really hypocritical of the GOP establishment to keep harping on the candidates that they need to stop attacking each other and then turn a blind eye to Romney’s relentless attacks on Newt. When Newt tries to fight back, they condemn the man for waging a personal vendetta and for not looking out for the party. I would tell Newt…to hell with the party, just talk to the American people. Yes, people’s power versus money power! Sounds rather populist but what choice does the man has?

Newt is really fighting for the soul of the Republican Party….the Tea Party faction versus the traditional establishment wing. It is conceievable that conservatism is itself at stake. What will it take for all conservatives to coalesce around Newt Gingrich? What will take for Rick Santorum to follow the noble path that Gov Rick Perry took by withdrawing and endorsing Newt? Two of the former non-Romney front runners havecalready endorsed Newt. Just waiting for Bachmann and Santorum to follow suit.

Make no mistake! Conservatism is at stake. Even more at stake is the fate of America. In a battle for the soul of the country, squishy moderates always lose! Just ask Bob Dole, McCain and GHWBush(1992). Are we really thinking of sending another moderate to fight Obama? God forbid! There is too much at stake! Just what is in Romney’s record that tells us that he will be able to roll back the Federal Government, repeal Obamacare, and pull the country in a 180 turn towards conservatism. Or are we simply wishing that Romney will somehow pull it out! Records matter!and Romney had no record of conservatism in his core. First, the GOP establishment needs to wake up! Middle America will wake up in time to send Obama back to wherever he came from! We wish him Godspeed!