Newt did not resign in disgrace from Congress!

Despite protest from Rush Limbaugh, Michael Reagan, Mike Levin, amongst others, Mitt Romney persisted in his disingenuous negative attacks on Speaker Gingrich that he resigned in disgrace from Congress. Despite well documented proof that the IRS had exonerated Gingrich from those ethics charges, Romney continued with those attacks. Outspent 5:1 or even 8:1 depending on the sources, it is a miracle that Newt was able to garner a respectable 32% of the Floridian votes. While it is true that more of Newt’s former colleagues came out to attack him rather than defend him, Mark Souder, one of his fellow congressman who served under him found it totally unacceptable that Romney persisted in misrepresenting the Former Speaker’s record in the House and had decided to speak up. One key note is his observation that right around 1999, the House Republicans have decided that George W Bush could very well be the new leader of the GOP and the House no longer needs an “idea” leader but rather a manager for GWBush’s ideas. Thus, the plan was to replace Newt with Bob Livingstone or Hastert. The rest is history as we know it.

Interesting enough, in 2012, America is again in a very precarious position that no where in her history is a leader with big ideas and vision needed as much as NOW. So just as Churchill was discarded after WWI during peacetime, his service to the nation was needed in WW2 and he was promptly reelected to lead England through her darkest days. Likewise, Newt Gingrich was called upon to lead the Republican Revolution in the late 80’s and early 90’s and discarded in 1997. In 2012, when the country needs him most, let’s hope we have the courage and wisdom to reelect him. Like he said “I pledge my Life, my Wealth, and my Sacred Honor”. I believe that Newton Leroy Gingrich was prepared by God for a time like no other!