How important is the Repeal of Obamacare?

Very important to millions of Americans it seems! 

 In 2010, millions of Americans all over the country were so enraged by the proceedings which gave rise to Obamacare (like Senate votes held on Christmas and New Year’s Eve 12:00MN while America sleeps, Louisiana Purchase, etc) that a grass root movement mushroomed into the Tea Party Movement which eventually swept 87 freshman congressman into the House and banished Nancy (vote for the bill so that you get to see what is in it) Pelosi to  the sidelines. As a side note, Newt Gingrich was forced to resign his speakership after the 1998 elections which saw the GOP retained the majority with a net loss of 5 seats while Pelosi retained her leadership position after such a drubbing which goes to show that the LEFT are far more united in their quest to destroy America than we are in defending her!

Nothing to get angry about….according to Romney!

That says it all folks…..Romney is prepared to cede Obamacare to Obama over the wishes of millions of Americans. We are doomed if Romney gets the nomination. Martin Gould from American Spectator said it better than I can ever do. Check it out!


Mitt Romney’s retort during last Thursday’s debate that healthcare is “not worth getting angry about,” is his own admission that he cannot beat President Barack Obama in the election, according to the American Spectator.

“Most Republican voters, and more than a few independents, would disagree,” wrote healthcare expert David Catron. “Romney apparently didn’t notice that the hundreds of thousands of people who showed up at the nation’s capitol to protest the impending passage of Obamacare were pretty angry.”

Romney made his remark after fellow candidate Rick Santorum challenged him on his position on Obama’s healthcare reforms. “Folks, we can’t give this issue away in this election. It is about fundamental freedom,” the former Pennsylvania senator said.

Santorum’s tone showed that he cares about the issue, Catron wrote.

“It’s not an easy thing for a man of genuine principle to tolerate an opportunist like Romney, who obviously sees the issue as just another lever that he can use to hoist himself into public office.”

Catron said Romney’s “prissy” remark showed him as a man without convictions. Combined with his changing stances on gun control and abortion, he is giving Obama’s campaign too much ammunition should he win the Republican nomination.

“It will … be very easy for Obama and his creatures to exploit Romney’s flip-flops in the general election,” he wrote. “They will make sure the voters understand that these reversals reveal Romney as just another unprincipled politician willing to say anything to win the election,” wrote Catron. “That the president himself is cut of the same cloth won’t matter.”

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