Mitt Romney, Damon Corp, Medicare Fraud,& Blood Money

Winning our Future and Newt Gingrich were excoriated for their perceived attack on Capitalism in their previous film When Mitt Romney Came to Town. In my opinion, it was fair game to examine Mitt’s record of job creation since that was one of his campaign pillars. Many did not agree and Newt took a beating from no less an authority than Rush Limbaugh and Rudy Giuliani amongst others.  Granted that film wasn’t the best use of Newt’s and Winning Our Future’s War Chest.

This latest video is whole new ball game. It is about the largest federal medicare fraud in it’s time and most of those frauds occurred under the management of Mitt Romney. In one of the debate, Romney stated explicitly that he had never done any business with the government (another lie). Just as the Feds were completing the investigation on Damon Capital, Mitt Romney sold Damon Capital to Corning (questionable timing!). Initially Romney claimed to have no knowledge of the medicare fraud which happened under his watch. Then he changed his tune that he reported the fraud to the authorities (so which is which Mitt?). The sale of Damon Capital netted Bain Capital $12M of which Mitt Romney netted $437,000 ( not much!!!!). So if Newt was asked by Mitt to return the $1.6M earned from Freddie Mac over 6 years, shouldn’t Mitt return that $437,000 of blood money earned in a single sale transaction plus all the fraudulent billing to Medicare under his watch?

It is unlikely that supporters of Romney will be able to spin this as another attack on Capitalism (I have no doubt they will try). This simply reinforces the prevalent opinion that Mitt plays to a different set of rules from the rest of us and will be a perfect 1% foil for Mr Obama’s 99% (Personally I detest Obama’s class warfare but it is what it is and are we going to walk right into his trap by nominating Romeny?)

So here is the full length video. You decide!