I give BHO an A plus, sort of.....

BHO gave himself a strong B+. In my opinion, he is being humble and here is why.
Much has been said about BHO’s tanking poll numbers. Much has been
said about his amateurism in foreign affairs, lack of diplomatic
protocol as in bowing before Japan’s Emperor Akihito, unabashed
narcissism in flying to Copenhagen to “clinch” the Olympics for
Chicago, and flying to Copenhagen to put his name on a toothless
Global Warming treaty, and much much more.
Now take a look at some of his “achievements”.  Many think of BHO as a
bumbling, narcissistic, teleprompting clown. More perceptive people
believe that he knows exactly what he wants to do and is succeeding
exceptionally well.  His ultimate goal is to destroy America’s
economic and military superpower status and place it on par with
typical “banana republics” like Chavez’s Venezuela. In just 11 short
months, BHO has succeeded in expanding the national debt to trillions
of dollars. The federal budget deficit is now several times more than
that of his predecessor GWB. His disinterest in achieving military and
political victory in Afghanistan is demoralizing America’s military.
He has succeeded in denigrating American exceptionalism by repeatedly
apologizing to the rest of the world for America’s standard of living
and economic status. He is close to successfully ravaging the best
health care system in the world by converting it to socialized
medicine. He is close to turning Afghanistan into another Vietnam. He
became the first President in living memory to proclaim to the world
that America was never a “Christian Nation” despite overwhelming
historical evidence that this nation was founded upon Judeo-Christian
social, political and moral principles. America was not founded upon
atheism and certainly not upon Islam. Need I say more? Maybe one
more… he was awarded the Nobel Peace Price after just 12 days in
The Nobel Peace Prize “achievement” is the most revealing. European
socialists awarded it based upon what they perceive that he is going
to do to America. I believe that BHO’s foremost hidden agenda is to
remove America as an obstacle to globalization. A strong, free and
God-fearing America stands squarely in the way of the One-World-Order.
BHO gets an A+ for ushering in this One-World-Order by removing its
greatest obstacle- the United States of America.