The End Game-Call to fast and pray

As we enter the final week of this election season, here is a call to all my fellow Christians to seek the face of our Almighty God to have mercy on this beloved country of ours.

Our Father in Heaven,

We thank you for this great nation that was founded on Judeo-Christian principles. We thank you that you have watched over this nation for the last 232 years. Even as our nation prepares to elect a new President and numerous senators, congressmen, state and local government officials, judges, as well as numerous state propositions, we beseech Thee Lord to have mercy on this country. Lord, first of all, we ask your forgiveness for the sins of our country. As a nation, we have seen fit to murder 2 million babies a year (46 million since Roe v Wade) while they were being formed in their mothers’ womb. Like the blood of Abel, these 46 million babies cries out to you day and night for justice. Yet, You are a merciful God whose Faithfulness endures for a thousand generations to those who love you. Several of our states have also legalized same-sex marriage and are trying to legitimize the homosexual life style which is an abomination to You. As a nation, we have not lived within our means and am saddled with record national debts. We have removed prayers from public schools and have sought to remove the Ten Commandments and every other vestige of our spiritual heritage from the public square.

Lord, as we seek your mercy, please give us a leader we NEED and not a leader we deserved. Please give us a leader who will honor our Constitution and protect each and every American. Give us a leader who will protect life, especially the most vulnerable and weakest ones among us. Pray that You will give us a leader who is both strong and resolute in leading our country to face the challenges of the 21st century.

We pray Father God that just as you reserved for yourself 5000 prophets who have not bowed to Baal, you will also release the 5000 journalists who have not bowed to the altar of Obama so that they can fearlessly report the truth about Obama to the American people. We also pray that you will give all the pastors in the land the boldness to preach to their congregation this final weekend before the elections about their duty to elect a leader whose philosophy matches their Christian world view. We pray that God you will impress upon all your people to vote.

We know Lord that this nation is ripe for judgement but we beseech you Lord to have mercy on us, and relent your hand of judgement on this great nation that you have nurtured over the last 232 years. No matter what happens on Nov 4, we pray that God you will keep our hearts and minds in Christ Jesus and to continue to trust that you are in control. While this nation is ripe for judgement, she is also ready for a great spiritual revival. We eagerly await the next outpouring of your Spirit on this great land.

In Jesus’ Name. Amen!

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