Ted Cruz Never Punts


Ted Cruz never punts because he’s too busy staying on offense.   Cruz never allows the media to control the narrative he forces them to follow his narrative.  I think the best example of this was a while back when Cruz was on Meet The Press with Chuck Schumer.   Gregory wanted Cruz to come out one way or another about the recent NRA ads talking about Obama’s children.  Remember that?

GREGORY: Over the line?

[mc_name name=’Sen. Ted Cruz (R-TX)’ chamber=’senate’ mcid=’C001098′ ]: Look, I’m going to let people to decide to run what ads they want. I do think there’s a fundamental point here, and that– and there is a point of hypocrisy when it comes to gun control. That many of the proponents of gun control are very wealthy, live in communities where they can outsource police protection. But you have a lot of people that are worried about preserving the safety of their own home. If you’re talking to a single woman living in Anacostia, who– who has the misfortune to– to live next to a crack house, to hell her she doesn’t have a constitutional right to keep and– and bear arms, I think is fundamentally wrong.

GREGORY: This is– but Senator, this is a narrower point about armed guards in school. This has happened to be an ad is factually inaccurate. The president’s children are protected by the Secret Service, and that’s not their own choice. And yet you’re trying to make a broader point, which I understand. But you think this is a– this is a constructive part of the debate in moving the public mood?

[mc_name name=’Sen. Ted Cruz (R-TX)’ chamber=’senate’ mcid=’C001098′ ]: What I don’t think is constructive is what the president is doing right now, which is in– within minutes of that horrible tragedy in Newtown, the president began trying to exploit that tragedy to push a gun control agenda that is designed to appeal to partisans, designed to appeal to his political partisans.


Notice carefully how Cruz deflects the question quickly and pivots into making the larger point.  When the media wants conservatives to talk it’s usually getting them to explain Obama’s Christianity and if he loves the country or not.    When the media wants conservatives to stop talking it’s when conservatives are putting points on the board.  Giving your personal opinion about what someone says no matter how you answer is the fodder the media wants.    Let’s look at how the latest Rudy Giuliani statements are playing out.  Scott Walker what do you think about what Rudy Giuliani said?  Do you agree?  Does Obama not love the country?  Do you think he’s a Christian?   Walker tells the media what he thinks.  The media writes a story slamming Walker.  The media then plays off that and asks [mc_name name=’Sen. Lindsey Graham (R-SC)’ chamber=’senate’ mcid=’G000359′ ]  what he thinks.   What Graham thinks seems very different than what Walker thinks in the eyes of the media.



The conservative media in the DC Beltway start writing stories on the correct way to answer the question and who answered it right and who didn’t answer it right.   The topic of Obama’s Christianity gets rehashed in print and tv as well.   Before you know it, Obama will keep this story alive too with speeches, press conference and media interviews.  Cruz never takes the bait and  never answers the question the way they want them to.   Cruz keeps his opinion out of it.   I haven’t heard Cruz weigh in on this, but if he did I speculate he would say,  “I’ll let people draw their own conclusions to what Rudy Giuliani said, “and then immediately he would go on offense and explain Obama’s lack of moral authority on the world stage and detail how Obama is undermining American foreign policy.  Something very interesting happens with the media at this point.  They realize Cruz is starting to score huge points and they retreat on their questioning of Obama’s motives and beliefs.   Look at the above example of how Cruz skillfully did that with Gregory.  Every time Gregory wanted to talk about the NRA ad, Cruz comes back with a strong offense.   It’s all in the pivot.    If you come out and say “well I don’t want to speculate, I’d rather punt or I’m going to leave that alone” then the media has already assigned and questioned your motives and is building their own narrative and giving it wings.  If you don’t come back with a strong offense they will kill you with a thousand paper cuts and continue to needle you with that question and use it against you.  The media uses this as a necessary distraction to shield Obama from his record and his leadership.  Stop providing them the distraction.

There’s got to be a better way to answer gotcha questions on Evolution too.  “I’m going to punt” is not going to cut it.  It’s an answer that doesn’t help your base at all and just gives the media opportunity to make hay out of it.   Michelle Malkin wasn’t too happy with Scott Walker’s response to the evolution question.

As the son of a baptist minister the right answer for Walker according to Steve Deace would be: (05:00) “I agree with the majority of the American people that we are created in God’s image with a purpose and a plan and that belief is what really everything I do is based upon.”   Answering these types of questions in a primary shouldn’t be hard to do.   Having seen Cruz skillfully handle media traps while successfully getting out his message even on social issues time and time again proves to us he is the best choice for 2016.   Every media appearance Cruz is always closing.  Cruz smokes out the real objections being lobbed at him in an interview.   If Blake from Mitch and Murray met Ted Cruz he’d give him a cup of coffee.  You know why? Because coffee is for closers.