Ted Cruz destroys the media....then..he goes to work on them


How many times have you watched a left wing anchor have a Republican on CNN, MSNBC, CBS or NBC news and you are getting angry and uncomfortable?  I’ve been there a million times.  We get uncomfortable and angry because that Republican is doing a terrible job defending the party and conservatism.   They either dodge the question and come up with a weak answer or fail to undermine the media narrative and dismantle the premise of the question. How many times have we seen it in presidential debates?  Candy Crowley versus Mitt Romney has to be on the top of the list as far as Republican fails with handling the media.

We conservatives know that the lib media will come after our candidates with a vengeance during the primary and let the establishment candidate off the hook.  We know how that game is played and we desperately desire a candidate who can manhandle the media.   Many conservatives thought Newt Gingrich was that candidate who would carve up the media.  In reality though, Newt had too much personal and political baggage that the media could dig up and exploit and the media grind-ed him down with it.  The South Carolina debate was more of Newt scolding the media then actually debating the media.  As conservatives, we tend to get excited when someone is yelling and “giving it to” the media.   You want the media yelling and screaming and losing their cool not the candidate.  [mc_name name=’Sen. Ted Cruz (R-TX)’ chamber=’senate’ mcid=’C001098′ ]’s demeanor of being calm and collected is the more effective way of defeating them.

If you look at the current crop of candidates in the 2016 cycle you must come to the conclusion that [mc_name name=’Sen. Ted Cruz (R-TX)’ chamber=’senate’ mcid=’C001098′ ] is best suited to be the conservative standard bearer who can defeat the media.   Cruz is new on the scene with little to no baggage.  What have they got so far to exploit him?  He was caught drinking a beer in high school.  Whoop Dee Doo.  Cruz knew this was going to come out too.  He was way too happy to get out in front of this when this news was leaked.  You always have the crack weasel chicken little GOP voters who worry about the “Citizenship issue”.   Months ago, that myth got so completely debunked that now the media realizes that if they start with that tactic it’s going to be an uphill battle for them.     That’s why you don’t hear about the media pushing the citizenship issue too much.  A while back Carl Cameron and Ann Coulter from Fox News hinted that Cruz is not qualified and got serious blow back from it.


So where does the media go?  What do they have to do to take out TC  They will have to either completely make up a false story about him or completely ignore him.  That may work if you go up against a candidate that has little money and that’s mediocre to average under media scrutiny.  The problem is, TC  is not that person and he has so much momentum right now it’s hard to see the media survive under aTC push back.  Fox News seems to be taking a peculiar tactic with TC.  Pretending he’s not even in the race or running.  Lou Dobbs has made a TC free zone on his show.  You’ll see in your social media timeline stories from FoxNews.com talking about the 2016 presidential primary and TC is not even mentioned.   Reince Prebius has indicated that not everyone running for president will make it to the debate stage.  The majority of the debates will be hosted by Fox News.  It makes you wonder if there’s an effort underway to keep TC out of the debates.  That’s the same strategy liberal media outlets use to cover for Obama.  They ignore stories that might hurt Democrats.  Fox News seems to be covering for the Establishment and protect the elites from things that hurt them like TC.  Trying to silence TC may backfire bigger than anything else the media tries.  This reminds me of how they tried to silence Ronald Reagan in New Hampshire.

You will notice that Fox News doesn’t spend as much time on the dreaded “shutdown” as they used to.  Ever since the 2014 shutdown of the Democratic party on election day, their tortured defense for government shutdowns hurting Republicans has been demolished thanks to [mc_name name=’Sen. Ted Cruz (R-TX)’ chamber=’senate’ mcid=’C001098′ ] leading the Obamacare defund effort.  Daniel Horowitz who’s one of the sharpest conservative writers in the country told me this: “the government shutdown has become the global warming of electoral politics offering no evidence that it’s harmful to Republicans”.   [mc_name name=’Sen. Ted Cruz (R-TX)’ chamber=’senate’ mcid=’C001098′ ] has effectively dismantled the “shutdown” argument and Emperor Rove, Krauthammer, Hume and Wallace have no clothes.


The media is going to be forced to actually talk about the issues.  Let’s look at some of the things the media is trying to throw Cruz’s way right now.  Rick Jensen chronicles the latest media attacks on Cruz from The Baxter Bulletin.  They go after Cruz on being a “climate change denier” and call humorous punch lines that Cruz has made in regard to Net Neutrality and Obamacare as “dumb” Statements.  The media is used to having weak Republicans who  have been Frank Luntz poll tested and have gone through Karl Rove’s neutering clinic.  The media is expecting weak Republican sauce and a Republican to produce a mushy answer on climate change.   TC doesn’t play those games.  He’s going to destroy them.

As I stated earlier, conservatives get a pit in their stomach when a Republican is feeling the heat and scrutiny of the media spotlight.  With TC, we can’t wait to see him being challenged from the left wing media.  He doesn’t allow them to get away with their lies.  He won’t complete an interview until he’s undermined their narrative and taken away their premise.  One of my favorites is the hour long interview TC had with Dan Balz from Trib Fest.  Dan Balz is not an easy interview for weak Republicans.  TC had his lunch and the question and answer session from libs was priceless!  Watching TC answer a question on the Citizens United case is a much see!  It starts in the video at about 56 minutes in. TC dismantles the left’s argument in front of a houseful of liberals.  It’s breathtaking!  Dan Balz tries to stop TC from answering the question to no avail as well.

TC  is not easily distracted by squirrels either.  He doesn’t fall into media traps.  He’s always on message.  He forces the media to stay on his message.  I believe there are too many 2016 candidates who are already going to be chasing squirrels and have had a habit of chasing squirrels in the past.  The media loves squirrels too.    Santorum will be distracted by complaining to Fox News that they are shills for Romney or he will be hung up on the minimum wage.   Santorum’s has an unclear stance on the minimum wage which makes it even more of a distraction.  Santorum has a tendency to get on bandwagons that take him off message.  It forces him to spend precious resources and time explaining the unexplainable.    Huckabee’s latest squirrel is questioning the Obamas parenting on their kids choice in music.    The media loves this kind of stuff.  It’s great fodder to keep candidates forever chasing squirrels and staying off message.


So I give similar advice to the media that Ruben Tishkoff gave to Danny Ocean and Rusty Ryan on taking out Terry Benedict’s casino from the movie Ocean’s 11.

……….If your’e gonna take out TC you better know…. this kind of thing used to be civilized you hit a guy, he’d whack you…done!…. but with Cruz…..at the end of this…he better not know your’e involved….not know your names or think your’e dead because he’ll kill ya….then he’ll go to work on you…if you want to take him out you gotta be nuts too and you need a crew as nuts as you are…

In regard to the media taking out TC as Ocean and Ryan conceded to Ruben, “Our eyes were (are) bigger than our stomachs”