Ted Cruz and the March 1st Challenge

Steve Deace put together an article that would put a knot in any conservative’s stomach for 2016.   In 2012 the rules were changed at the convention to pave the way for the Establishment for 2016.    Here’s what Steve Deace’s “little birdie” from inside the RNC tells him.


“Look closer at the rules and you’ll see this is tailor-made for Jeb Bush 2016,” he told me. “Under the new rules, which were driven down our throats by Bush family loyalist Ben Ginsberg and the establishment at the 2012 convention, states aren’t allowed to have ‘winner-take-all’ primaries until after March 15th. That means all those southern states that go prior to that will have to proportionally-allocate their delegates……all Jeb Bush has to do is wait it out. Get to the more liberal states like New York and California, which show up later on and have huge delegate numbers that are winner-take-all. Sweep the majority of those in the spring and he’s won the nomination. And yet again we would’ve nominated a candidate who is weak where we have to win, and strong where we’ll probably lose.”

Steve Deace joined me on Conservative Report Radio at about 07:30 in.

Steve basically tells me that the Southern Super Tuesday offering is a ruse for conservatives.Texas, Georgia, Alabama, Arkansas , Mississippi and Tennessee are planning a March 1st primary which forces delegates to be counted proportionally and not winner take all.  If conservatives don’t push their secretary of state in these southern states to push the primary date to March 15th to make it winner take all, it will make a conservative harder to get to the magic number and easier for the Establishment candidate to reach it.  I asked Deace if it’s possible for conservatives to have a game plan in liberal blue states in the primary.  Deace believes that demographics and the cost of media will make it nearly impossible for a conservative to win these states.

I’ve been told by my conservative consultant friend that there is no room for error for [mc_name name=’Sen. Ted Cruz (R-TX)’ chamber=’senate’ mcid=’C001098′ ].  He must win Iowa, New Hampshire, South Carolina and/or Nevada and after that momentum and money from a united conservative march to the nomination kicks in.   My friend Michael from Texas tells me this:

I think the election will be effectively over before March 15 notwithstanding winner take all. Cruz will have shined in nine debates by then. He will win Iowa and South Carolina. He is more Hispanic than Jeb is (!), so don’t count him out for Florida, either.

This really will be a Jeb vs Cruz battle on March 1. Guess which one won’t have to defend liberal stances on immigration and education?

If I’m wrong then we’re already lost. I’ll be with the Amish tuned completely out in November 2016.

We have all heard the window dressing.  We need someone with experience, We need a governor with governor accomplishments.  Why aren’t the most important questions asked?  The most important question is:  Who best represents our values, articulates conservatism and excites the conservative base the most?  I think my friend Mike from Texas nails it.  It’s hands down [mc_name name=’Sen. Ted Cruz (R-TX)’ chamber=’senate’ mcid=’C001098′ ].  Who else comes even close? I also believe that excitement and momentum will rule the day and unite conservatives and the cream will rise to the top.

With that said,  I’d feel a whole lot better if we southern conservatives mounted an organized effort to get our secretary of state to move the primary calendar date to March 15th then we can give the establishment a beating they’ll never forget.