Ted Cruz will not be President

Ted Cruz can’t win.  There are many myths about Ted Cruz being unable to win.  Silly myths generated by Americans who have been evangelized by the culture and the media.  Ted Cruz can’t win because he will be “Sarah Palanized” by the media and won’t have a chance in a national election because of it.  Let’s tackle this myth and tear it out root and branch.  Isn’t it interesting how a candidate who is as articulate as Ted Cruz and gaffe free as Ted Cruz is supposedly at risk of being “Palinized” by the media?

 The Main Stream Media is bankrupt and shrinking and their ratings are in the toilet.   Liberal media influence is limited despite how much slander they are able to muster up.   In your pseudo analysis you are surrendering to a false media narrative that the media hopes you as a Republican voter will choose to accept.    That false media narrative is the bankrupt media has more influence and power then the base of the Republican party which has been proven false in several election cycles including 2014.   You already have fallen into the play it safe trap that Karl Rove and Frank Luntz promote on Fox News.

Steve Deace gave a great example of this type of self destructive “play it safe thinking”  back in 2012. 

“When you are the party out of power, it is foolish to pursue a strategy in the primary of elevating the candidate you think has the best chance to win the general election, because you are not in control of the news cycles and events that will shape the electorate. All the challenger can do is respond to events beyond his control. Especially if the challenger is not basing his candidacy on his own merits as much as he is a referendum on the incumbent. The smarter play is to nominate the most credible candidate that excites the base, because that excited base will remain so regardless of pressure from the mainstream media.  For example, prior to the 2008 primary cycle many know-it-alls lined up to endorse moderate-to-liberal Rudy McRomney in an effort to stop Hillary Clinton from winning the presidency. Of course, we now know Clinton didn’t even win her party’s nomination. The GOP was left with a decrepit little ball of hate, Caucasian career politician to take on the powerful narrative of America’s first potential black president.”

Remember hearing Rush Limbaugh taking a call from his favorite listener “Vinny from the Bronx”.   Vinny went on a long diatribe about how Sarah Palin instantly became unelectable because of the media treatment and a conservative is only going to draw a bull’s eye on their own back.  Rush has made the point that the main stream media is the Democrat Party.  Republican voter…  can you sway and manipulate the Democrat party so they won’t paint a target on your back?  Is the Democrat party going to stop coming after you?  Of course not, so stop treating the bankrupt liberal unpopular media smear merchants as an entity and start treating them for who they actually are.  They are the Democrat party.  The only way to stop the Liberal Media/Democrat party is to take them on with articulated conservative values, draw a sharp contrast and soundly defeat them.

Many Republican voters don’t understand what happened in the 80’s with the Reagan years and truly don’t know how powerful the media was back then compared to now.   There were no choices.  You had the big three networks.  You didn’t have Fox News.  You didn’t have the internet and conservative alternatives.  Look at the alternatives out there now! NewsMax, The Blaze, Conservative Review, Redstate!  The choices are endless and they are not flailing outfits.  They are flourishing and growing in readership and viewership in leaps and bounds!  Folks the problem is not with [mc_name name=’Sen. Ted Cruz (R-TX)’ chamber=’senate’ mcid=’C001098′ ].  The problem is with conservatives evangelized by lies.


Many conservatives have been afflicted with the textbook definition of Münchausen syndrome by proxy.  Their behaviour pattern fabricates, exaggerates, or induces problems that in reality don’t exist.    They have given into deception at its core, their behaviour is elusive.  Reminds me of James 1:8.  Their loyalty is divided between God and the world, and they are unstable in everything they do.

Conservatives need a come to Jesus moment.  They need another conservative landslide election with bold contrasts and conservative values taking the lead and obliterating democrats.    Perhaps the veils will be lifted from their eyes.