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Many Catholic organizations including the Catholic League For Religious and Civil Rights have given high praise to the show Blue Bloods on CBS as “One of the few TV shows on the broadcast networks to treat Catholicism fairly…” . It’s too bad that this past Friday night’s  episode “Burning Bridges”  could be added to the Catholic League’s 2014 Report for Anti-Catholicism. CBS

Blue Bloods has been a great show with a terrific cast. Tom Selleck’s character on Blue Bloods as Frank Reagan is powerful. He comes across as authoritative, witty and he fits his role on Blue Bloods better then anyone. Frank Reagan is New York City’s police commissioner who tries to be fair, independent, honest and is passionate about New York City’s police force. Many times Frank Reagan is confronted with political conflicts that arise from the mayor’s office, political operatives and even dirty and dishonest cops who are self absorbed with their own ambitions.

Blue Bloods doesn’t necessarily try to make Catholicism a big part of the show. It attempts to try to portray Frank Reagan’s family as a strong Irish-Catholic family who never misses Sunday dinners, they go to mass and every now and then you’ll hear them say, “grace”. From time to time on the show you’ll have the Reagan’s local priest play a small role.  For the past couple of years, groups like the Catholic League for Religious and Civil Rights and others have praised Blue Bloods because they seem to give Catholicism a fair shake without avoiding issues that have risen within the church.  This must really make the Blue Blood television producers worried because they are more concerned with the reaction from secular humanist Hollywood and the Gaystapo then they are with their actual audience. Also remember, nothing gives you a better chance of impressing Television and Hollywood movers and shakers and getting a better chance at winning an Emmy by taking a swipe at the Catholic Church and Christianity.  I’m sure that Tom Selleck might be up for an Emmy thanks to the latest episode of Blue Bloods.

So here’s what happened this past friday night.

A homosexual was killed on the west side and Frank Reagan had a press conference. In the course of the press conference Frank Reagan was baited by a reporter to give his religious Catholic views on homosexuality.




Frank Reagan said that the Catholic Church is behind the times on the issue of homosexuality. In the course of the show, Frank’s father Henry Reagan set up a meeting with Frank and a nun who was trying to save Saint Dominic’s a catholic school Frank attended growing up. Saint Dominic’s was in the process of being shut down because of downsizing.   They asked for Frank’s help because he meets with the Cardinal once a week for lunch and they were hoping Frank could convince the cardinal to keep the school doors open. Frank is pressured by the Cardinal to issue an apology for his statement on the Catholic church that he previously made at the press conference. Frank tells the Cardinal that the Catholic Church is behind the times on the issue of homosexuality and even the Pope has shifted positions. Frank decides to not give an apology and doubles down on not retracting his statements made at the press conference. Frank says that he does not care if the men and women on his police force happen to be gay and he could never bring himself to condemn them for their lifestyle.  The Cardinal is upset with this and refuses to help Frank in his effort to keep Saint Dominics. In the end Frank tells the nun his statements about the Catholic Church prevented him from helping her. Then the Nunn says the most outrageous thing. She tells Frank that the day she left for the convent she kissed her girlfriend goodbye.  The nun also said that she never regretted her lifestyle and never looked back and then proceeded to thank Frank Reagan for standing up for homosexuality.

Blue Bloods tries to make the argument that holding a biblical view on homosexuality prevents you and discredits you from being in a position of authority over others who happen to be gay. They even make the false statement that the Pope somehow has changed positions on homosexuality being a sin which is a blatant lie. It sets up the Catholic Church as the enemy of the gay community. Blue Bloods also portrayed the Cardinal as a political weasel and will cut deals with the Catholic faithful and will cut off anyone at the knees for deviating from Catholic Church doctrine. Close to the end of the show, they show the  traditional Sunday dinner with the Reagan family assembled. The only person at the table that sides with the church is Grandpa Henry. There’s is no discussion of what the church teaches and what scripture says on the topic of homosexuality. Everyone at the table like good Marxist lemmings agreed in unison that the Church is behind the times on this issue and is in the wrong. Grandpa Henry simply represents an outdated bigoted way of looking at homosexuality.

Blue Bloods reminds me of the same evolutionary process that destroyed Law and Order SVU. Law and Order SVU at one point in time was a gritty crime drama with a great story. Now SVU is basically politically correct propaganda being shoved down the throat of viewers.Blue1

Dick Wolf’s SVU legacy is now a crusade against evil pro life doctors who offer advice to women to keep their babies and how the evil NFL uses player head injuries to carry out some convoluted evil plot. Unfortunately for the sake of kissing up to TV brass and the Hollywood Gaystapo, Blue Bloods is following suit.  Tom Selleck, how does it feel earning an Emmy based on trumpeting the propaganda of the Gaystapo and not on your powerful performances?   It must be awful nice being used by your CBS overlords so they can impress other anti-Catholic bigots within Hollyweird.

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