John Barrow's lies about Repealing Obamacare #ga12


The first debate for #GA12 is in the books.    If you’ve been following this race between Democrat incumbent John Barrow and Republican businessman Rick Allen it’s been explosive.  Rick Allen’s campaign and the National Republican Congressional Committee have done an amazing job of putting John Barrow on defense.  I was listening to WGST in Atlanta online and decided to call in to the Peach Pundit hour with Charlie Harper and Mike Hassinger on Rich Sullivan’s show.  I asked them about how Obamacare will play in the #ga12 election.  They told me that while voters are concerned about Obamacare, John Barrow is insulated from the issue because he didn’t vote for Obamacare and people see the votes for repeal as symbolic and don’t see the Obamacare card being played on at all.  Well thank God John Allen didn’t follow that advice!  Rick Allen has a great commercial calling out John Barrow for the 27 times that he voted either to fund Obamacare or vote no on repealing Obamacare. 

It’s interesting. John Barrow goes to great lengths to never bring up Obamacare.  I’ve been on dozens of telephone town halls with John Barrow and he never brings it up and nobody really asks him about it either thanks to his call screeners.  Now John Barrow decides to tout commercials saying he will repeal Obamacare for the first time with less then 40 days out of the election.

Now wait a minute..I thought he was insulated from Obamacare?  Why would a Harvard educated lawyer like John Barrow be making a big deal about something he’s insulated from?  John Barrow also said at this past weekend’s debate that he will repeal Obamacare only if there’s something to replace it with.  Well that explains everything doesn’t it? See John Barrow can play this political game that he’s waiting for the perfect replacement plan and then he’ll vote to repeal Obamacare and until that perfect replacement plan comes along he will continue to vote “no” on repeal.  That little charade conveniently can go on forever.  John Barrow is also relying on the false liberal media narrative that the GOP is not offering up an alternative which is completely false.  There are over 7 replacement plans to Obamacare that the GOP has offered up.

Some plans are very conservative and some are not.  Either way there’s at least one plan in there that gives John Barrow everything he wants but he’ll continue to rely on the low information voter who believes Republicans haven’t offered an alternative.   The truth is healthcare before Obamacare was 100 times better then what we have now so John Barrow’s promise to repeal is full of holes and I’m hoping that Rick Allen will be exposing Barrow on this in the next coming days.

The National Republican Congressional Committee has provided the silver bullet in this #GA12 race that is making John Barrow run for the hills and scramble. 

In their latest ad called “Barrow’s Letter” they catch Barrow in a bald faced lie.  Barrow has been called out for voting for Obama and Pelosi over 80 percent of the time.  John Barrow came out with ad saying that he would never vote for anyone 80% of the time.  The NRCC show in black and white a letter John Barrow sent out to democrat voters detailing how he has voted for Obama over 80% of the time.  Rick Allen brought this up in the debate and regardless if John Barrow is a Harvard educated lawyer or not he has no answer for this at all.

Jon Fitzpatrick from Politipage did an amazing job of exposing this voting record and fighting back the media narrative:

The Hill wrote this tidbit about the controversy.

“The statistic itself is accurate but very dated — it comes from Congressional Quarterly’s 2009 vote analysis. In subsequent years Barrow has voted less often with Democratic leadership, dropping to 83 percent in 2010, 59 percent in 2011, 28 percent in 2012 and 35 percent last year.”

The liberal fact checkers, naturally, attempted a rescue mission.

One big problem, though.

Barrow voted with Obama 85% and 83%, in years 2009 and 2010, respectively. Guess what, liberal media? Those were the most damaging Obama years, when everything happened.  And Barrow was right on board with the big liberal agenda.

Guess what, part two? In 2010, the Democrats took a   “shellacking,”  of historic proportions, at the ballot box. Including most    every red-district House Democrat .

In the 2010 mid terms, Republicans easily captured the House of Representatives.

Now I’m no political genius, like the fact checkers, but I’m gonna take a wild guess here and say that the political death of Barrow’s fellow red-district Dems had everything to do with the congressman’s, ahem, partisan conversion.

I don’t think it was a coincidence.

Bottomline, John Barrow was fully behind the Obama-Pelosi-Reid agenda when he thought Hope and Change was set in stone, and they’d be no punishment back home. Remember, the media, at the time, were writing that the GOP was dead for the next 40 years or so – giving phony moderates like Barrow a false sense of the country’s mood. And Barrow only corrected his ways when he realized his political life was at risk.

The media can crow all they want to about how Republicans are using the same old strategy blah blah blah against John Barrow.  The truth is Rick Allen is the right candidate with the right message making the right case against John Barrow and nationalizing this election and effectively tying John Barrow to Barack Obama.  Rick Allen needs your support though please donate to his campaign!