#MorningJoe and defining Crazy #CrazyNeverWins

Crazy never wins.
Nashville: An Evening with Russell Moore, Erick Erickson, and Joe Scarborough

A Conversation on Faith, Freedom, and Culture in Our Modern World

Crazy Never Wins is the topic up for discussion at the event.

“Hosted by Erick Erickson Tuesday, September 16th at 7:15 PM – at Lipscomb University’s Collins Auditorium – best-selling author, former congressman and MSNBC host Joe Scarborough will appear on stage with Dr. Russell Moore, president of the Ethics and Religious Liberty Commission, to engage in a meaningful conversation about the broken moral compass that guides our national conversations about faith, freedom and the cultural issues that divide.”

I think this will be a lively event and I’m very curious to know what Joe Scarborough has to say and what questions he will be given at this event.  “Crazy never wins”.   I’m wondering if Scarborough will be consistent in what he defines as crazy compared to past statements.  Here’s a clip from RedStateTV in which Joe Scarborough uses the opportunity to call out Michelle Bachman for being crazy with her statements and labels her as an extremist and accuses her of making “crazy” statements for the purposes of raising money.  He also states that Allen West and Ted Cruz are also crazy for their past statements and have a short political shelf life and are also saying these things to raise money.  Joe Scarborough uses Bachmann retirement to call Ted Cruz “crazy”:


Here’s another great clip of  Joe Scarbarough ripping Ted Cruz and calling him a fool.

Joe Scarborough goes on to tie Ted Cruz to poor approval ratings of congress and also describes Ted Cruz’s tactics short sighted and stupid.  Morning Joe laughs with his co-hosts and tells us how Ted Cruz is Sarah Palin with a brain.   Joe goes on to say how Ted Cruz thinks the American people are a lot dumber then they actually are and says they are buying into a snake oil salesman from Harvard.


Here’s a clip of Brian Sullivan on MSNBC in the opening Salvo of Morning Joe railing against Republicans for supporting natural marriage and not supporting pot legalization.   Scarbarough discusses this with Brian Sullivan and says that he has talked with conservatives who believe we need to leave “the crazy at home” and  how we should take social issues off the table and just talk about the economy.   He also goes on to brow beat the typical straw men that mask the real reason why the Establishment lost.  The typical mantra as always, Christine O’Donnell’s a witch, Akin and Murdock’s rape comments the same old song.

The big take away from that clip is the premise of how we just need to focus on the economic issues and not the social issues.  The only problem with that as Ben Shapiro points out, a bad economy tends to help Elect Democrats.

It’s interesting how democrats agree with Joe Scarborough that Republicans should just focus on the economy and not social issues.  Why is that?  The answer lies in this article.  Shapiro pointed out in Town Hall prior to the 2012 election that exclusively talking about the economy is not enough and lurching to the middle is a sure recipe for defeat.

It’s still early. But Republicans had better figure out some new strategies or they will be left in the dust by the highly-organized, beautifully-tuned Obama campaign.

Conventional conservative wisdom says that the Republican nominee will be fine come November. The economy is bad, say the pundits, and therefore Obama will lose as a matter of course. There’s only one problem: That’s never happened before. Bad economies help Democrats. That’s because the unemployed typically want more government care, and the currently-employed tend not to think the economy’s all that bad.

Triangulation is also troublesome. Seizing the middle in this election cycle will be difficult, since Obama has staked out a record of not raising taxes, leaving Guantanamo Bay open, and “cracking down” on Wall Street. Even if we recognize that Obama’s record is deeply leftist — his spending, his appeasement-oriented foreign policy, his dislike for traditional American values — we will have to convince the American public that he is radical. That’s an uphill battle in the face of a heavy media assault.

It gets worse for conservatives. Obama’s lead in Virginia has been growing, not shrinking. The latest Quinnipiac poll has Obama beating Romney 50 to 42 percent. In Ohio, it’s no better — the most recent polls have Obama up by 12 points. In Florida, Obama leads Romney by a 46-43 margin.

So, is the full spectrum conservative going to win or the one who avoids and distances himself from half of the Republican Platform.  Which two choices, do you believe is “crazy”?  Will these questions be asked of Joe or avoided?

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