SuperTalk Mississippi: Haley Barbour's Propaganda Tool #mssen


It’s basically Radio for RINOS.  Super Talk Mississippi has over 11 affiliates in the state of Mississippi.    Wow, 11 affiliates and growing they must be a profitable radio group that has great programming, ratings and revenue.  Any Talk radio station that is successful, especially in small markets like the ones SuperTalk Mississippi are found in usually have a couple of things going for them.  First off if you are in a competitive talk environment you must carry the Rush Limbaugh Show if you want to win.  I remember working for a group of radio stations in a small market and we had one news talk station.  Our competitor was a Rush Limbaugh affiliate and it was literally impossible to compete against them.  Here’s a list of all the SuperTalk Mississippi affiliates:

Talk Stations

Now here is a list of all the Rush Limbaugh affiliates in Mississippi you will notice not one of them is a SuperTalk Mississippi affiliate:


So SuperTalk Mississippi stations do not Carry Rush.  How do they dominate the marketplace then?  Is it through being competitive with great programming?

Here’s some interesting information from the Dark Horse Mississippi Blog.


A few years ago, Tom Freeland of NMissCommentor published a blog exposing Supertalk Mississippi’s parent company Telesouth as the recipient of millions of dollars in state taxpayer funded advertising revenue — approximately $6 million from Mississippi taxpayers between 2004 and 2011.

Based on that seven-year-trend and where we likely are more than three years later, the amount Supertalk Mississippi receives on the government advertising dole must be approaching $10 million by now. That can buy a lot of donuts for Gallo’s studio, which translates to a lot of feasting at the government trough for Paul Gallo’s Supertalk farrow.

For anecdotal evidence that Supertalk Mississippi is the government “welfare queen” of Mississippi’s public airwaves, anyone who listens to Supertalk Mississippi should notice that during every commercial break, the state through various state agencies interjects for a public service announcement of some kind or another. How interesting that Supertalk rose to prominence around the same time Republicans took over Mississippi politics in the early 2000s! Anyone listening to Supertalk Mississippi will recognize that it is already the state propaganda organ of the Republican right wing, but the advertising records since the Republican takeover of Mississippi also comprise a monetary paper trail that may help prove a link between the GOP and Supertalk Mississippi.

The CottonMouth Blog talks about the obscene amount of government money SuperTalk recieves as well:

“SuperTalk Mississippi is owned by Telesouth Communications, Inc. Here’s a year-by-year breakdown of Telesouth Communications, Inc.’s state funding from FY2004 to present:

FY2004: $589,942.00
FY2005: $695,053.85
FY2006: $1,102,824.16
FY2007: $748,686.07
FY2008: $1,202,807.00
FY2009: $890,982.00
FY2010: $486,290.00
FY2011: $295,823.00 (so far)

TOTAL: $6,012,408.08

You read that right: $6,012,408.08 since FY2004 on radio ads to a company built in large part on anger about government spending.

The hosts on SuperTalk Mississippi spend all of their time trashing conservatives, Chris McDaniel and their supporters while propping up Haley Barbour and Thad Cochran’s dirty campaign.  According to OpenSecrets.org, Telapex Inc was the largest contributor to the Cochran campaign as of June 30th. C- Spire is a subsidiary of Telapex Inc and is one of the main sponsor on SuperTalk MS, which explains why Paul Gallo & J.T. have been so focused on bashing Chris McDaniel.

Here are some comments from a supporter of Chris McDaniel and Mississippi resident expressing her frustration regarding SuperTalk Mississippi:

“Paul Gallo and JT are so over the top in their rants about Chris McDaniel, working hard to destroy his livelihood, saying that they don’t know how the firms clients can feel safe having someone that loony on staff and just basically ridiculing him. They say that Mississippi dodged a bullet by getting his defeat and that Chris and all those crazies supporting him are dangerous. I’m not quoting exactly and may be attributing things one said to both, but they are both using this tactic of hard lined assault on Chris on on Charles C. Johnson, who they call Chucky Sleeze! They are disgusting! Are they on Haley Barbour’s payroll? They work hard to sound like they’re conservative by talking bad about Obama and taking the conservative side on some issues, but then it’s back to bashing Chris and Charles and saying the tea party used to be good, but it got hijacked. Can they possibly BELIEVE the garbage they are spewing out? It is unbelievable and incessant!”

So the next time you hear Republicans complaining about National Public Radio and how leftist they are and how we need to Axe “Big Bird” remind them of Super Talk Mississippi.  Their stations throughout Mississippi are propaganda tools for Haley Barbour and their Establishment Cronies.  I’ve been following the Mississippi ordeal between Thad Cochran and Chris McDaniel for quite some time.  I’ve had Chuck Johnson from GotNews.com on Conservative Report Radio several times.  Paul Gallo from Supertalk Mississippi took some time to critque my interviews.  Now here’s a guy who’s on over 11 stations in a state feeling the need to draw attention to little ole me.  Take a listen to Paul Gallo’s rant HERE and HERE.

You will notice a couple of things.  He makes the claim that I could never make it in commercial radio.  I have over 15 years of Commercial Radio experience with 8 years spent on morning drive.  My resume is unimportant.  The point is he clearly is thriving in a radio environment that is not based on ratings and revenue and competing for legitimate ad dollars, but on Crony Capitalism and taxpayer dollars.

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