Governor Nathan Deal needs a "Scott Walker moment"

The latest polling shows the Governor’s race in Georgia has Governor Deal trailing Jason Carter by 8 points.  A few days ago  Erick Erickson had Governor Nathan Deal on his show in Atlanta to discuss the latest attacks on him regarding Ethics investigations.  You get the sense that the Deal campaign believes that attacks on him in regard to ethics investigations are keeping him behind in the polls.  My sense is that while Nathan Deal should be defending his record and fight back against the ethics accusations that may not be the only problem with his poll numbers.  Could it be the Republican base is not that enthusiastic of his candidacy?  Nathan Deal can’t afford to find out if this is the case on Election Day.  You can dismiss the polls or you can take them seriously.  A Republican should have a significant lead in the polls in a state like Georgia.  One thing that keeps Nathan Deal competitive in this race is his strong stance against Obamacare.  If he waivers in his commitment to this issue he’s toast.   He needs to continue linking Obamacare to Jason Carter.  Here’s some things that Governor Nathan Deal can do to shore up his base to make sure they are with him.

Religious Liberties Bill:

It’s time to revisit the Religious Liberties Bill.  It’s time to stand up this time against the Atlanta Chamber of Commerce and the LGBT lobby and promise to pass a religious liberty bill.  Josh McKoon of Columbus’ Georgia had a reasonable religious bill in the last session.      It provided citizens of the state of Georgia the same level of protection that 31 other states have and that even inmates in federal prisons have.  Nathan Deal needs to stop being fearful of the far radical left wing fringe in Atlanta and the Chamber of Commerce protecting them.  It’s time to start listening to the people that got Nathan Deal elected.  Why wouldn’t Nathan Deal make this a priority?  Many pastors including the Southern Baptist Convention were behind the religious liberties bill and Nathan Deal left them high and dry and Governor Deal is expecting them to show up to the polls after abandoning this issue?  The Religious liberties battle in Statesboro that was waged during the Christmas Holidays are still fresh in people’s minds. 

They were hoping that Governor Nathan Deal would have had a bill that would of protected them and he left them out to dry.   No more playing games with the base by offering show boating hearings that are guaranteed to go nowhere.   It’s ridiculous that Southern states in the deep south have already passed similar bills that protect people of faith and Georgia can’t do it.  It’s time to stop ignoring the Christian community and put forth a bill.  How in the world can you ignore the Georgia Baptist Convention (who was lobbying for this bill very hard) and expect Southern Baptists (which represents 1.4 million people) to show up and vote for you at the polls?  This should have been very easy.  We have leadership in the Governor’s office who claims to stand for religious liberty but when the rubber meets the road they can’t even pass a religious liberty bill that was similar to what Bill Clinton passed in the 90’s for the state of Georgia.   

Take a Stand on Illegal Immigration

D.A. King a few months back had an article in Breitbart detailing how Governor Nathan Deal appointed a radical anti-immigration, open borders anarchist to the Department of Corrections, a Mrs. Rocio Del Milagro Woody.  This was not a token position but one with a lot of power and influence.   This was not merely an oversight by Governor Deal’s account.   Mrs. Woody is on the board of GALEO, a far left open borders organization.  The one Republican on the board is a lawyer who is in the process of suing the Georgia Board of Regents along with 3 dozen illegal immigrants to force a court to favor in-state tuition for illegal immigrants.  Governor Nathan Deal needs to clean house and get rid of these people to undo the harm he has created.

President Obama has abused the DACCA statute which allows children of illegal immigrants to grant citizenship on a case-by-case basis. Obama has unilaterally and unlawfully extended this law to 1 million illegal aliens who are of a certain age and can say they were brought here as children to no fault of their own. This means they are allowed to work in the United States and can have green cards and social security numbers issued to them.  With their social security numbers, they are getting driver’s licenses and during the last legislative session Governor Deal made sure a bill died that would stop Illegal aliens from receiving driver’s licenses.  If he was smart he would promise to stop illegal aliens from obtaining driver’s licenses.   Illegal aliens can also renew this amnesty status every two years without any fear of being deported.  The state of Georgia has been issuing driver’s licenses to illegal aliens since the summer of 2012.

There is too many  people in the business community who want cheap labor contributing to their campaigns.  They are also afraid of standing up to the Republican Governor who’s evidently giving key open border anarchists political appointments within his administration.   You can imagine how this can easily open things up to Voter Fraud.  Can you imagine how this can nullify voter ID laws?  Just have illegal aliens criminally register to vote.  D.A also mentioned to me that in Georgia you can use your college ID to register to vote.  Imagine if illegal aliens are granted in-state tuition? They could illegally register to vote this way as well in Georgia.

DA King mentioned how there are 11 foreign language tests available to get your driver’s license. The state law passed in 1996 makes English the official language in Georgia. This law is now completely ignored because of the crony-capitalism occuring between elected officials, big businesses and big agriculture wanting cheap labor in Georgia.  A mirror image of what is going in DC.  Governor Nathan Deal needs to make the Georgia legislature create a ballot initiative that amends the Georgia Constitution to have English as a second language. Polling shows that this ballot measure who be overwhelmingly popular in Georgia and would pass by a landslide.  Georgia Republicans refuse to put such an initiative on the ballot because of their unholy alliances.  Governor Nathan Deal is suppressing the will of the people.

Get Rid Of Common Core

Despite terrible polling for Common Core especially from the Republican base in Georgia.  Nathan Deal has chosen to appeal to the Edu-crats and double down on Common Core.   I spoke with Jane Robbins from the American Principles Project (AUDIO BEGINS AT 58:00) about what’s happening with Common Core in Georgia and South Carolina.  She tells me how Governor Deal is pushing Common Core along with the Georgia Department of Education by signing a 5 year contract with a new test aligned to Common Core which forces the state to be held hostage by these awful standards.  Governor Nathan Deal needs a “Scott Walker moment.”   Common Core was a done deal in Wisconsin and there seemed to be indifference from Scott Walker until very recently.  He read the tea leaves and realized that if he wants to ever have a chance at running for President and be the GOP nominee that he better get rid of Common Core.  Well, Governor Nathan Deal, your election is not a redstate lock by any stretch of the imagination.  You can listen to the poll dismiss-ers or you can make sure conservatives show up for you on election day.  It’s your choice. 

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