Will Ted Cruz endorse Jack Kingston?

Ted Cruz will endorse Jack Kingston if history repeats itself.  Here’s why I say what I say.  I live in Southeast Georgia.  I’m an early voter and a primary voter and have voted in the runoff last year so I get called all the time at home from pollsters.  I can tell which polling organization represents Jack Kingston too.  They usually ask me about what I think about David Perdue’s statements and amnesty associations.  The last time their polling organization called was during the heat of the primary before election day.  They asked me about what I thought about everyone in the race.  Who I favor.  Who I strongly like, dislike, whatever.  Last time Jack Kingston’s group called they asked me what I thought about Hershel Walker.  I laughed and told the pollster that seemed out of left field.  Two weeks later Hershel Walker came out and endorsed Jack Kingston.  Last night they called me and threw in Ted Cruz’s name and asked what I thought about him.   Don’t be surprised if you hear Ted Cruz coming out and endorsing Jack Kingston real soon.