Marsha Blackburn shilling for Margaret Sanger

It’s time to take the gloves off on this one folks.  How can you honestly call yourself a conservative and prolife and build a museum that honors the queen of racism, the champion of Eugenics, and the Founder of Planned Parenthood?  Marsha you are either a “useful idiot” for the Marxist left or you lack core convictions.  I could expect this from a Susan Collins or a Lisa Murkowski but from Marsha Blackburn of Tennessee?  What has Eric Cantor promised you, threatened you or bribed you with to vote for this garbage?

If you haven’t heard the news,

“The House Natural Resources Committee passed HR 863, The National Women’s History Museum Commission Act, by unanimous consent on Wednesday, April 9.  The bill is sponsored by uber-leftist Carolyn Maloney (D-NY) and co-sponsored by 81 Democrats.  But shockingly, 15 Republicans have also co-sponsored this ridiculous endeavor to grant radical feminists a foothold in a national park.  Rep. Marsha Blackburn (R-TN) was an original co-sponsor and is joined by Reps. Frelinghuysen (R-NJ), Ellmers (R-NC), Fitzpatrick (R-PA), Rigell (R-VA), McMorris Rodgers (R-WA), Lummis (R-WY), Peter King (R-NY), Ros-Lehtinen (R-FL), Hanna (R-NY), Capito (R-WV), Latta (R-OH), Dent (R-PA), Susan Brooks (R-IN), and Webster (R-FL).

This bill was already introduced during the Pelosi Congress in 2009 and passed by voice vote!  It was only stopped in the Senate because Senator Jim DeMint (R-SC) placed a hold on the bill.”

The reasoning behind Marsha Blackburn’s to vote for this bill are insulting to the intelligence of conservative voters and very naïve.  Why in the world would we think in a million years that we need a separate museum for women’s history when we already have the existing National Museum of American History in the Smithsonian?  Marsha Blackburn also perpetuates this falsehood that somehow this museum will receive no federal funding.

Well, if that’s case then that’s an easy fix for sure.  Cut the House and the Senate out of the equation all together and let private groups build it and figure it out for themselves.   Yes but you little Hobbits don’t understand what queen Blackburn is doing.  She plans to block the onslaught from the left and move the legislation from the right don’t you know.   She’s going to have a Sarah Palin wing of the museum right next to the Margaret Sanger wing of the museum.

Don’t you trust the current Republicans working behind the scenes?  We really are going to stick it to these Democrats and take away the “war on women” argument away from these feminists by signing on to the feminist museum.  I’m sure Nancy Pelosi is sweating bullets right now and biting her fingernails hoping that this museum never sees the light of day.  The one thing the left fears the most is that Karl Rove triangulation.  They never know how to use that against conservatives.

See, you have nothing to worry about,  Blackburn in her strategic wisdom voted for HR863  which would only establish a commission to study the establishment of the museum. It would not be a Presidential commission with federal funding, but would be a commission appointed by the Speaker, Leader, minority leaders of both the House and Senate. The commission would have a total of 18 months to conduct a feasibility study on whether the museum should move forward with the ability to purchase a federal land locaiton, if it could or could not be a part of the Smithsonian and other due diligence issues. The commission would under go an independent third party audit on the sustainability of the museum and then Congress would hold a second vote on whether or not to let the project proceed.  By the way, the legislation holds a provision that prohibits in perpituity the use of federal funds for any part of the museums budget— not one penny of taxpayer funding for property, exhibits, personnel, nothing— the non profit has to raise every penny. The non profit is not under congressional control and Queen Blackburn has recommended to our conservative friends that they seek a seat on the board of the organization to be sure they are providing a conservative point of view as the group discusses exhibits and who to highlight. Last year they did an online exhibit on foster motherhood and highlighted Michelle Bachmann and her work with foster care. So even though Michelle Bachmann took the house floor and blasted this bill, Blackburn is working really hard to convince her to sign on to this.   Don’t you see how Blackburn is really sticking it to the left?

So let’s discuss all the decision makers who are going to start decorating the “Sarah Palin wing” of the Women’s Museum with Moose Heads and a statue of Mamma Grizzly holding an AR-15.  Here’s the current board who are scared to death that Queen Blackburn has put the fear of God into by taking away their “war on women”

Joan Bradley Wages, the President of NWHM, made political contributions to ActBlue, an anti-life Democratic PAC, Eleanor Holmes Norton, and Barbara Boxer.

Susan Scanlan, member of the board of directors, contributed money to those who opposed Proposition 8 defending marriage in California.

Carey Shuart, the Interim Chair of the Board of Director’s gave all of her campaign contribution money to Emily’s List, a PAC whose only purpose is to support Democratic Pro Choice female candidates for office.

Ann E.W. Stone, the Secretary of the Board of Directors, is the founder of the organization Republican’s for Choice, an organization that attempts to infiltrate the Republican Party with the anti-life agenda.

With such leadership and associations, it is hard to imagine a scenario in which this museum does not become an organ for the homosexual and anti-life movements.

Joan Wages and the rest of the members are scared sh%$less that Marsha Blackburn has taken away their “war on women”. They are going to sign on to women who have championed the pro-life causes and have stood up for natural marriage and conservative causes.   Marsha Blackburn has put a magic Karl Rove “triangulation” spell on all these social Marxists and they have no choice but to jump on board.  Blackburn has put safeguards in place so conservative women have a spot at the table.  Heritage disagrees.

 “Lack of Safeguards. While NWHM claims a nonpartisan agenda, there is no mechanism in place to ensure that the museum is not used as a platform to promote liberal propaganda (even if that museum is still in its infancy). The women typically celebrated by federally monitored or federally commissioned institutions are of the “progressive era” or the “sexual liberation movement” (consider particularly the characters and events promulgated by Smithsonian institutions or nationalized educational programs). These figures glorify the elements of women’s history that have furthered disrespect for human life, destruction of the family unit and general harm to the wellbeing of women.  As the CEO of the Concerned Women for America said in an open letter to Congress:

To indoctrinate American children, who visit the Nation’s capital, with leftist views is so distasteful that within this climate we respectfully decline our own museum.  We would prefer that students visit the other 19 Smithsonian museums and galleries to hear about women’s history than to have one that propagates a false narrative.”

No Taxpayer funds are going to come anywhere close to the shrine to prominent KKK Keynote speaker Margaret Sanger.  As conservatives let’s resign to the little kids table and let adults like Marsha Blackburn deal with this.    Heritage Foundation begs to differ but apparently they haven’t caught wind of the mastermind strategy of sticking it to Dems and completely blindsiding the left by voting on their legislation.

“Funding. Supporters of this legislation cling to the point that private funding will be used for every step of implementation. If passed, the Congressional committee would be required to compile a fundraising plan that provides for public contributions, but said plan would never prohibit federal funding. The Smithsonian Institution, for instance, receives 65% of its funding from the government ($805 million in FY2014). In all likelihood, taxpayer dollars will be necessary to sustain an institution that perpetuates a one-sided and damaging narrative about the women’s movement in America.”

Unfortunately for Marsha Blackburn, she will know how Marco Rubio’s buyer’s remorse felt after he lead the gang of 8 thanks to pressure from GOP leadership.  Blackburn is going to get burnt by this.  It’s time to send the message to DC to kill this.  I’m in Georgia and I also find it interesting that Jack Kingston and Phil Gingrey were a “no-show” on this bill and Paul Broun was and voted “no”.  Apparently since Kingston is far enough ahead in the polls against Paul Broun and Broun is no longer a threat to him for the US Senate Race, he doesn’t feel the need to vote “on principle”.