Faux outrage over Palin Baptism Waterboarding Comments

So we are seeing a deluge of media making a big deal of Sarah Palin’s comments at the NRA where she said “water-boarding is how we baptize terrorists.”  The thing that makes me angry is not so much the left wing media coming unglued about her statements, but somehow Christians feel the need to be outraged over the baptism reference and consider it sacrilegious. Example HERE and HERE.    Christians who probably never considered being offended before regarding this statement have the insatiable need to stand up against this thanks to the liberal media who’s bringing this up.  The same media that despises Christianity and Christians are trying to make the case to Christians that this is sacrilegious.  I guess  according to this legalistic standard we are no longer able to use the term baptize by fire either.  So all these Chrstians leaders and writers upset over the Palin comments who didn’t have a problem with Winteregg’s latest ad on John Boner I mean Boehner’s on his electile dysfunction ad, where’s your next article condemning Brooks and Dunn about their song Brand New Man …”I saw the light I’ve been baptised By the fire in your touch and the flame in your eyes I’m born to love again I’m a brand new man.”   A bunch of legalization hubaloo about absolutely nothing if you ask me.

As far as Winteregg’s video and Palin’s comments, to me they are in the same category using creativity and humor to make a point. I think Christians get offended way to easily. I don’t know how many strict baptist preachers I’ve heard throughout my lifetime that have made a million jokes, funny analogies and dozens of anecdotes regarding Baptism. We are not shocked by them but I guess we are supposed to be shocked by a political “meme” that has been rehashed dozens of times from the right.   I’m completely with Sean Hannity on this. It’s driving the left nuts and it was a great line.   Mission accomplished.

Let’s be consistent then. How many times have we heard the term a “come to Jesus moment” in political conversations. So and so had a “come to Jesus moment”. I’ve heard these phrases on conservative talk shows and conservative and Christian columns many times.   Are the politicians really coming to Jesus? I certainly don’t have a problem with this term.  Baptism was used as a religious term to make a political point. Happens all the time. How is this different than using any other religious term being used in every day or political conversations? Why is this religious term off limits and other terms are not? Perhaps we should have a problem with pre-school bible jokes like: Can you cite where Baseball is mentioned in the Bible? Answer: In the Big Inning. Wow, isn’t this God’s sacred Holy Word? How dare we make light preschool jokes regarding this.

If this is such a big issue then why are we making a big deal about comparing Water-Boarding and Baptism only when Sarah Palin has said it when this phrase has been mentioned dozens upon dozens of times in the public discourse. I’ll tell you why. The media is driving this trumped up “outrage” to shut down Palin’s comments on waterboarding and many Christians who were probably never offended in the first place feel they need to be offended.

The truth is 95% of the Christian community are not offended by these statements just like they are not offended by the common phrase, “baptism by fire” or Brooks and Dunn’s Brand New Man who uses Baptism an a metaphor to something else.  I don’t know how many employers over the years have used this term after being trained for a job and then said, “are you ready to be baptized by fire?”  Meaning are you ready to do your technical job on your own now with no guidance or instructi0n?

The media would like to whip up the Christian Community regarding this like they whip up the black community with the race card. The big question is will we fall for it.

If you are offended by these comments I respect your view but keep in mind you are in the slim minority within the Christian Community. It’s not because your right and the rest is wrong, It’s because there’s a hyper-sensitivity among very Conservative Fundamental Christians when it comes to be offended by anything. I know this because I went to a strict Baptist Bible College who believed Charismatics, Catholics and Presbyterians were wrong they were right and if you wanted to argue with them about it you’d get kicked out. They were against “secular” and “Christian Rock” music and only believed in soft Christian music. They were against watching movies.

They had endless rules that were put together by Bob Jones University graduates. It produced people who were offended by the words “Oh My Gosh” and would be greatly offended by this statement by Sarah Palin.  It’s also interesting that my 2 year Bible College only supported certain Christian Colleges and thought my Alma Mater Liberty University was too liberal. They would tout 4 year colleges like Tennessee Temple and yes you guessed it: Cedarville College in Ohio.   The same one that fired Winteregg over his Electile Dysfunction campaign ad. So maybe Boehner had political connections to the college that got him fired. It probably had more to do with a straight lace Fundamentalist Christian College having a problem with the double entendre content of the campaign ad.   Let’s stop being played by the media.  That would be terrific!