John Stone: leading the #FireBoehner charge in #GA12 *DEBATE VIDEOS

If you’ve been following the GA12 Congressional race in Southeast Georgia, you will find clear contrasts between John Stone and the rest of the candidates.  There’s many that don’t like John Stone in my neck of the woods for purely personality reasons. 

Perhaps because he’s not playing the Southern Hospitality game like he should in Southeast Georgia.   Debate #1 for the GA12 GOP primary was epic.  They went around the table and introduced themselves and told a very nice presentation of why they should be the nominee with tales of family faith and freedom. 

When it got to John Stone he said (and I’m paraphrasing)  “I’m not going to waste your time with all that you want to find out more about me you can go to my website.” 

He then went straight for the jugular and called out the failings of the GOP in the GA12 and the failings of candidates in the GA12 race for not making the case to fire John Boehner and Eric Cantor. 

I’m sure glad I caught this debate.  I like many others living in the GA12 district have been supporting Rick W Allen for all the typical reasons.  He was in the runoff in 2012.  He was a better candidate than Lee Anderson and should have been the nominee last time around.  Allen is making the case to defund Obamacare and repeal it.  He’s done a decent job of calling John Barrow out for aligning himself with Nancy Pelosi and Barack Obama.  All the right Conservatives are supporting him in this race.  When your living in a rural area like mine, there’s not a ton of media coverage and you really have to either show up at all the debates or dig to find out what’s going on in the campaign and the debates.  After Watching John Stone make the case during this debate to fire House leadership along with signing a pledge to do so, it’s obvious he’s the right person to change Washington DC.   What’s even more telling is that Rick W Allen quickly accused John Stone of dividing the Republican Party and how we must unify the party if we are to beat John Barrow.  Well that’s an odd thing to say for someone who’s advocating defunding Obamacare don’t ya think?  If Rick Allen won the GA12 seat in 2012 how would those two narratives co-exist?  I want to defund Obamacare but I think it’s a bad idea calling out GOP leadership because it’s dividing the party. 

It was very obvious nobody wants to deal with the elephant in the room.  The elephant in the room is not John Barrow.  John Barrow winning or losing this seat is irrelevant if the current GOP leadership remains the same in Washington DC.  Nothing changes.  John Stone made the case to fire leadership and the rest of the debate was spent on everything else but firing Boehner Cantor and McCarthy.  They don’t want to touch with this with a ten foot poll.  Debate #2 also revealed many things.

John Stone again made the case that we must get rid of leadership.  Every other candidate didn’t necessarily object to this.  The moderator had a series of rapid fire “yes” or “no” questions regarding the candidates.  This was very revealing.  “Would you fire House Leadership”.  Rick Allen came out and said “yes”.  Evidently John Stone is pushing this debate to the right and changing the current course that the rest of the candidates would like to go in this race.  He’s dragging them kicking and screaming.  That is what’s happening.  Now we come to late comer Delvis Dutton.   A solid conservative when it comes to his voting record in the Georgia House, but unfortunately he’s being used by the National Republican Congressional Committee to shut out teaparty challenges to House Leadership.  When it came to Delvis Dutton answering on weather we should vote out Party Leadership in DC his answer was, “I’ll wait and see till I get there.”  John Stone quickly got on to him and said we can’t afford to have our options open.  We must fire party leadership if we want this country to survive.

John Stone has got conservative support from several local Tea parties, representatives and local officials in Georgia and several conservatives in Washington DC.  Here’s the list. 

Former State Senator Frank Albert (R-Evans)

U.S. House Homeland Security Appropriations Subcommittee Chairman John Carter (R-TX)

Former U.S. Rep. Mac Collins (R-GA)

Sylvania Mayor Margaret Evans (R-Sylvania)

U.S. Rep. Louie Gohmert (R-TX)

U.S. Rep. Paul Gosar, DDS (R-AZ)

Former U.S. Rep. J.D. Hayworth (R-AZ)

Former U.S. Rep. Bill Jenkins (R-TN)

Tennille Mayor Napolean Jenkins (R-Tennille)

Coffee County Commissioner Jimmy Kitchens (R-Douglas)

Richmond County School Board Member Jack Padgett, Jr. (R-6th)

Vidalia Area Tea Party

Heart Of Georgia Tea Party out of Dublin

Associated Equipment Distributors PAC

The Republican Trust PAC

I have gone from supporting Rick W. Allen to supporting John Stone.  I think the more you hear from John Stone and what he stands for you will give up conventional wisdom and vote for principle over process as well .