David Perdue's Foot In Mouth Disease

I wanted to share this from my Teaparty friend in Georgia who wrote this about David Perdue:

Open letter to David Perdue, candidate for U.S. Senate from Georgia.

First, let me say that I am completely appalled by your elitist, demeaning comments regarding Karen Handel being a high school graduate. I don’t have a college degree either and your comments were an affront to me and other people without college degrees. Your comments truly showed that you are an elitist that believes you know what is best for voters and we should all just listen to you because we are not smart enough to know what is best. We have enough elitists in Washington D.C. and the last thing Georgia needs to do is to send another elitist. Georgia deserves to have a public servant representing them in the U.S. Senate.

There have been many very distinguished leaders in our nation’s past and present that did not have college degrees. With your comments you insulted President Abraham Lincoln who showed true leadership while President. Mr. Lincoln was a self-taught man that only had one year of formal schooling. He read Blackstone Commentaries and studied on his own to become a lawyer and eventually president. Andrew Jackson was home schooled and had no formal education. He became a practicing attorney by age 35, served as a General in the military, congressman, attorney, judge and served as our nation’s seventh president. Benjamin Franklin was home schooled. One of the first mega billionaires in the United States and well known philanthropist, Andrew Carnegie, was an elementary school dropout. Thomas Edison was homeschooled and had no formal education. Walt Disney dropped out of high school at age 16. Charles Culpepper, owner and founder of Coca Cola dropped out of high school. Henry Ford never attended college and neither did George Eastman – founder of Kodak, Jay Van Andel – billionaire co-founder of Amway, John D. Rockefeller, Sr., and Joyce Hall – founder of Hallmark Greeting cards.

More modern day success without college degrees include:
David Green, co-founder of Hobby Lobby is a high school graduate and did not attend college. Kirk Kerkorian, billionaire investor and owner of MGM Studios, Mandalay Bay and Mirage Casinos in Las Vegas dropped out of school in the eighth grade. Richard Branson billionaire owner of Virgin Records, Virgin Atlantic Airways and Virgin Mobile dropped out of high school at age 16. Tom Anderson, co-founder of Myspace dropped out of high school. Shawn Fanning , developer of Napster, dropped out of college at age 19. One of the world’s richest men, Bill Gates, dropped out of college and so did Apple co-founder Steve Wozniak. Mark Zuckerberg, co-founder of FaceBook dropped out of college in his sophomore year. Steve Jobs co-founder of Apple Computers dropped out of college after only six months.

There are many more examples I could give you, but I think you get the drift.

My advice to you, Mr. Perdue, is for you to climb down from the ivory tower you live in, take your silver foot out of your mouth and profusely apologize for your remarks.