All work On The Ark and No Play Makes Noah a Dull Boy

When I first heard about Noah I was fairly optimistic.  Like Erick Erickson, I really wanted to see this film but there was a lot of buzz in Evangelical circles that this film was going to be about Environmentalism and not God’s judgment and evident biblical themes in the movie.  Where was this buzz coming from?  Apparently almost a year ago there was a special screen test for the movie Noah that Paramount came out with for a mostly evangelical audience.  They came away feeling that the movie was overshadowed with a Marxist environmental message, made Noah look like a lunatic and drowned out any relevant biblical message that the audience could walk away with.  This screen test went so badly for Paramount that they decided to take Aronofsky’s movie away from him, re-edited the film and showed it a second time to their target audience in a special screening.  They received a much warmer reception the second time around.  The second time, it was clear that there was a strong message about God’s judgment on a wicked generation.  There were some secondary issues with the movie such as theistic evolution, and a much weaker environmental message that the audience was able to look past.  I first heard about this when Steve Deace had Ted Baehr from Movie Guide on his show.  Steve Deace later put a positive article about Noah out in the Washington Times with the understanding that this controversy was put to rest.   I talked extensively with Steve Deace about  this.  

 Scores of Christians also came out and supported the movie as well and put their name behind the film.

 It was safe to assume that this was all based on the understanding of what that test audience saw the second time.  Darren Aronofsky was not too happy with this backlash and went on several media outlets in an attempt to sabotage his own film. 

Less then 2 weeks before the films’ release, Aronofsky and Paramount came to an agreement to release the original version that received an overwhelmingly cold reception from Faith audiences attending the screening. 

 Very recently Glenn Beck saw the movie in a special screening and shredded it on his radio show.  

When you watch Glenn talk about the movie you realize it’s not just the ideological problems with the film.   It’s B movie ridiculousness that you would expect from Mad Max Beyond Thunderdome or Attack of The Killer Tomatoes.   It’s starts getting laughable when you have talking rock people and an entire garden growing in a matter of seconds once Noah plants a seed.  The most bizarre part of the movie is when Noah gets cabin fever in the ark and turns into Jack Nicholson from the shining and tries to kill his own family.  All work on the Ark and No Play makes Noah a Dull Boy.  All work on the Ark and No Play Makes Noah a Dull Boy.    I’m waiting for the cops to show up in the end of the movie to take away Noah in a police car like they did in Monty Python and the Search for The Holy Grail.  Never mind the Christian community going sour on this, secular Hollywood movie critics will have a field day.   I’m one that was willing to overlook secondary concerns in the movie like the Theistic Evolution and other things that some Christians have had issue with.   These same Christians are never satisfied with Hollywood including those who had issues with the 10 Commandments and The Bible series because it didn’t strictly stick with scripture on every single scene.  As long as the main themes of what scripture was trying to teach in these films are preserved then it’s a worthwhile film that should be seen.  I think there’s general confusion in the media right now from the right and the left who are scolding Christians for not being happy about Noah.  Many don’t realize the back story and the real controversies surrounding Noah.   If the necessary biblical themes were preserved in Noah I would be joining the chorus of those who are scolding Christians to stop with the biblical purity test with the film.  The problem is that you have an ego-maniacal atheist director who’s given the finger to the Christian community.  He will be shooting the bird to them again in the form of releasing Noah this Friday.