CALL NOW!!! GA's HB1051 Illegal Immigration Betrayal

The Georgia state Senate will vote on HB 1051 soon. That horrible bill must be defeated by any Republicans left in the legislature that still care about illegal immigration in Georgia.

HB 1051 should never have been allowed out of the House. The way it is written now, it would allow the illegal aliens who the Republican-controlled state Senate has voted to allow to continue to obtain and keep their Georgia drivers license to use those “Limited Term” drivers licenses to apply for an renew an array of public benefits paid for by Georgia taxpayers.

Republican $Lt. Governor Casey Cagle$ wants this bill to pass so badly that he sent it back to Senate Regulated Industries a second time yesterday to have an exclusion of the illegal aliens Limited Term DLs removed from the bill. Not many legislators even understand this bill. Senate leadership is ignoring We The People once again and following the orders of the far-left and the Chamber of Commerce. I am on my way to the Capitol to try to educate the Republican Senators on this.

I need you to make two calls and then send two emails today and tomorrow to stop this travesty please.

ACTION: Please call and email Senator David Shafer, President Pro-Tem of the Senate Phone: (404) 656-0048 THEN EMAIL his Chief of Staff: [email protected]

Then call your own REPUBLICAN state senator. Contact info HERE. If your state Senator is a Democrat, please call and email the Lt. Governor’s office 404-656-5030 and leave a message for Lt. Gov. Casey Cagle.

Message on both is “HB 1051 is out in the open now and we know it would allow the illegal aliens who are being issued Georgia drivers licenses to use them to obtain and renew professional licenses and public benefits we pay for with our tax dollars. HB 1051 must be defeated if it goes to the Senate floor and it should never be allowed out of Rules committee. We are watching. Kill this idiotic and deceptive bill. We know the wording was removed from HB 1051 that would have prohibited use of the Limited Term drivers licenses issued to illegal aliens for accessing our professional licenses and public benefits. NO TO HB 1051!”

So far this year the Republican-controlled state Senate has :
1) Voted to allow illegal aliens to obtain and keep Georgia drivers licenses.

2) Refused to allow Georgia voters to decide on a ballot question in November regarding making English our official state language of government which would have stopped offering the written DL test in 11 foreign languages.

3) Voted to confirm Governor Deal’s appointment of the radical Democrat anti-enforcement leftist Rocio Del Milagro Woody to the state Board of Corrections.


Welcome to Georgiafornia.