Paul Broun on His Way To Victory *AUDIO INTERVIEW W/ PAUL BROUN*

 Well Well Well.  It looks like not only the Establishment’s head is exploding but Neil (vote for Darwin over knuckle dragger Paul Broun) Boortz may have just had a massive coronary to go with it.    The latest poll shows huge momentum for Paul Broun in the Georgia US Senate Race.

“The poll, commissioned by the lefty guerrilla group Better Georgia, has Rep. Paul Broun of Athens at 27 percent in the GOP contest. Rep. Phil Gingrey of Marietta is at 14 percent, Rep. Jack Kingston of Savannah is at 13 percent and businessman David Perdue is at 12 percent. Former Secretary of State Karen Handel notches 9 percent in the question, which involved only those who identified themselves as GOP primary voters. About a quarter were undecided.

It gets more interesting in head-to-head matchups with Democratic front-runner Michelle Nunn. Respondents had Nunn and Broun at a 38 percent deadlock, and Nunn with slight leads over Kingston, Handel and Gingrey. (A matchup between Nunn and Perdue was apparently not one of the questions.)

The poll involved 580 voters surveyed between March 5-6. Roughly half of the respondents said they generally vote in GOP primaries and 41 percent vote in Democratic contests. Some 49 percent favored Mitt Romney in 2012, compared to 43 percent who backed Barack Obama.”


Erick Erickson has also pointed out on RedState how the conservative base in Georgia is rallying behind Paul Broun.

“Republicans in D.C. also fear that Paul Broun could be the nominee. The Congressman has the base in the palm of his hand. They are rallying to him in larger numbers than the establishment predicted. He could very well make it into a runoff and cause the Republicans to spend more resources fighting him off. And, should he get the nomination, the National Republican Senatorial Committee has been looking for a race in which it can cut off its nose to spite its face. They are desperate for the tea party to blow up, even if it costs the GOP the Senate — pride before victory for them.”

I initially was for Karen Handel but Handel supporters I’m sorry, she’s not making the case that she plans on going to DC and kicking in the teeth of party leadership.  I asked her on my radio show about Saxby Chambliss’ voting record and she immediately diverted attention from the question and said she’s good friends with Saxby and that we just happen to disagree.  Her attacks on all the other opponents for the most part are Mickey Mouse.  She’s making a big deal about trips being made overseas and other non-issues.  It’s actually working in Paul Broun’s favor for Handel to continue with this line of attack because for one

1) Nobody is convinced Paul Broun is in DC to live high off the hog.  That’s a bridge way too far to build.  If she keeps attacking Broun from the right she’s toast.

2)  It has caused Jack Kingston to get on the defensive and dispute all this.  In the midst of all this noise Paul Broun is rising and from a poll that nobody can dispute.

My Church going Christian Republican parents who usually don’t involve themselves in the primaries are not big fans of the Tea Party.  They hate with a passion Jack Kingston’s ad running on how he’s been to the same church his whole life.   I visited them this weekend in Athens.  When my mom said that, I immediately left the room and did this huge fist pump.   Kingston might as well of been a used car dealer putting on the Jesus tie as soon as customers show up to the car lot kicking the tires on the old Buick on sale with a bad radiator.

It’s also worth noting that my mom was on a missions trip with a group and made the mistake of going with South American Airlines.  Her and her group got hung up in the airport in Chile years back when that Volcano in South America was affecting air travel.  This Third World Airline didn’t want to honor their tickets and passports and left them stranded at the airport.  Several people in this group were elderly and needed medication.  There was no food or water they had access to.  They tried extorting money from the group and tried to force them to pay fees and additional airline tickets in order to leave.     They were in a very bad spot for a few days.  My father called Paul Broun’s office.  Paul Broun contacted the Embassy and in a matter of hours everything was resolved and they were on their way home.

Paul Broun is the real deal folks.  I had a chance to talk with Daniel Horowitz of the Madison Project on why they are endorsing Paul Broun.

Daniel also tells me Broun is running a very disciplined campaign and that should put to rest any past worries that he might go off message.  If anyone is off message it’s Gingrey.  Phil Gingrey said he agreed with Todd Akin’s comments about rape and made a big deal about Rap Music in the last debate that he’s had to dig himself out of.  He has had to walk back comments about the Federal Government being involved in censoring music.  

“Phil Gingrey: Not a fan of rap music. The Marietta Republican went down a bit of a rabbit hole when asked what he would do to stop youth violence. It started with comments that the White House should better support community-based groups, such as the Boys and Girls Club. It ended with this:

This Hollywood crowd continues to put out the trashiest videos, movies, rap music. What does the federal government do about it? Nothing. I’m sick of it. And I know you’re sick of it too. It’s got to stop.”

(His campaign, by the way, noted afterward that he doesn’t want feds to infringe on free speech rights that, yes, include rap music.)”

Wow and Paul Broun’s interview I had with him was sure to please Conservatives everywhere.  He will turn the Establishment on his head if he gets to the senate.