Replace Boehner with Tip O’Neill

We saw this past week Boehner and McConnell do what they do best, cave to democrats.  They promised a fight on the debt ceiling and gave Obama everything he wanted and got nothing in return.  They cried foul when Ted Cruz forced them to put their cards on the table.  The end result: completely exposed for the weak, gutless inept Obama enablers that they are.

They blame Ted Cruz for his so called “Look at me!” stunts.  They claim that this is about creating a phony war.  They hate to acknowledge that the current GOP majority owes its existence to the Tea Party.    These are the same people who only have contempt and ridicule for social conservatives and claim the mantle of fiscal conservative but despise Ted Cruz for taking a fiscally principled stand in the Senate.

Rick Shaftan joined me to discuss this betrayal of principles with the debt ceiling.

As Rick pointed out, this idea that Republicans can’t do anything and are completely helpless without majorities in both houses and a president in the White House is crap.   Tip O’Neill stopped Reagan from achieving a lot of what he wanted to do.

Pat Buchanan gives us a glimpse of how intense this fight was between Reagan and O’Neill.  O’Neill fought Reagan and used every tool at his disposal in the House to stop him.  Keep in mind Reagan won two landslide elections and that didn’t deter O’Neill.

Obama has terrible approval ratings with the whole country despising him and Republicans are the only ones in the whole country too afraid to fight him and stop him.   Reagan stemmed the growth of the U.S. welfare state—but O’Neill and his Democrats saved the core of the party’s New Deal and Great Society programs.   When you actually look at the lengths Tip O’Neill went to, to stop Reagan it’s dumbfounding.  The media constantly paints this picture that Reagan and O’Neill worked together peacefully and it was about for the good of the country.  The media needs to push this narrative because if they actually started talking about how things went down in the 80’s it would wake voters up to how the game is actually played and what is expected in DC when it comes to fighting for your principles.   The great Social Security compromise of 1983 only came after Tip O’Neill beat the GOP to a bloody pulp with the issue and after it affected the midterm elections.  The current fight by the current GOP leadership in congress is an absolute joke compared to how battles were waged 30 years ago.

Andrew Stiles makes a great point about shutdowns in his piece at National Review

“If your metric for quality governance is “ability to avoid shutdowns,” then Reagan is absolutely the worst president of the modern era. The government shut down eight times under his watch, more than any other president, representing nearly half of all shutdowns that have occurred under the modern budget process. And O’Neill is an even worse speaker, if that’s our criterion. He presided over 12 funding gaps or shutdowns, or almost 71 percent of all shutdowns to date.”

“Reagan had demanded at least $4 billion in domestic-spending cuts, and when Congress did not oblige, he vetoed a spending package, triggering a government shutdown. Technically, the shutdown lasted only a few hours, until Congress approved a three-week spending resolution to give lawmakers time to negotiate a long-term deal.”

Tip O’Neill fought Reagan on this I guess this strategy is only reserved for Democrats.

“Months later, the government shut down for several days in part over the House’s refusal to fund an intercontinental-missile program that Reagan supported. The House also wanted more than $5 billion in funding for public-works projects, which Reagan had threatened to veto. In the end, the public-works funding was scrapped, but so was funding for the missile program. “

Tip O’Neill fought Reagan on this I guess this strategy is only reserved for Democrats.

“November 1983 after House Democrats requested an additional $1 billion in funding for education and reduced spending on defense and foreign aid. Less than a year later, the government shut down after the House, as well as the Senate, sought to tie a number of extraneous measures, opposed by Reagan, to a resolution funding the government. That standoff resulted in a three-day continuing resolution to buy time for further negotiation, but the government shut down again when lawmakers failed to reach an agreement. “

Tip O’Neill fought Reagan on this I guess this strategy is only reserved for Democrats.

 “October 1986. House Democrats had picked fights with Reagan on a number of issues, including labor, energy, and welfare policy. The differences between the two sides weren’t resolved in time to prevent a shutdown, which lasted about a day, and ended when Democrats relinquished many of their demands. “

Tip O’Neill fought Reagan on this I guess this strategy is only reserved for Democrats.

So the next time one of these whiny little pukes tells the GOP is helpless and can’t do anything without a majority prove them wrong.