McConnell: You're Messing with a Son Of A Mitch! *Audio Interviews*

So it looks like McConnell and his surrogate Sons Of Mitches are at that point where we see his challenger Matt Bevin gaining on him.  He’s gone from 50 points behind to 20 and he’s starting to peak in the 30’s when it comes to polling.

McConnell and his surrogate Sons Of Mitches have seen this play out before with Rand, Cruz and Rubio in the primaries.

They have started going full throttle on the attacks and this week was no different.  They have gone to Politico to orchestrate their smears. 

The latest accusation was on accusing Matt Bevin on supporting the TARP bailouts.

The whole morning McConnell and his surrogate Sons Of Mitches, on all their social media outlets and enablers on MSNBC and Politico went after him like a Rabid Dog.

Bevin completely put the lid on their lies when he appeared immediately at 10:35am EST on the Glenn Beck Program.

From The Blaze who reported on the interview:

Bevin stressed again that the memo was written by Bandi.
“I was not the investment guy,” he said, “I never bought and sold the securities. So it would have been inappropriate and probably illegal, frankly, for me to have changed the investing commentary written by the sub-adviser the fund who was responsible for that.”

“I had a fiduciary responsibility as the chairman of this fund company to make sure that I  was not perceived in any way, shape or form as having commentary on buy and sell decisions,” he said. “That was the responsibility of the adviser to the fund. And for me to have meddled in that would have been highly, highly inappropriate and all of these various Sarbanes–Oxley rules — among others — would have been very much in my grill had I attempted to rewrite or meddle or make the thinking of the actual fund manager that of my own.”

So as you can see this is a bunch of crap about absolutely nothing.  He never endorsed TARP he was simply doing his duties as the adviser of this fund and by law he had to sign off on Bandi’s memo.

So McConnell and his surrogate Sons Of Mitches have gone from meaningless attacks that were completely fabricated and debunked from countless news sources from the right and the left, to accusing Matt Bevin of sins that Mitch McConnell himself has committed.

McConnell and his surrogate Sons of Mitches will be concocting up more lies and smears to see if it will stick in the coming weeks because he’s losing badly in this race with a 27 percent approval rating.  Daniel Horowitz explains how this slight of hand slander is played by Mitch McConnell and his surrogate Sons Of Mitches to me in this AUDIO INTERVIEW.

After the interview Daniel Horowitz wrote a press release concerning this latest smear attack from Mitch McConnell and his surrogate Sons Of Mitches.

“Politicians like McConnell have created a climate of government control in which the simple reality of any major sector – be it housing, financial services, or agriculture – is that you can’t do business without government controlling the economy.  Unlike McConnell who never spent a day in the private sector, Bevin had to work with the reality created by McConnell’s poor choices the same way a healthcare executive has to work with the reality of Obamacare.  TARP was referenced in every financial services prospectus the same way the ACA is mentioned in every update from a healthcare company.

McConnell has helped engender this climate of regulating industries on the one hand and subsidizing them with the other during his 30 years of pay-for-play in D.C.  Bevin is actually running to change this climate and create a true free market in which companies can succeed or fail without either hand of government.”

Not too long ago McConnell and his Surrogate Sons Of Mitches got with National Review Online and pulled a “Politico” and did another drive by smear piece.

 Joe Cunningham had an article on Redstate and Joe talked to me about how NRO is going through an identity crisis and was spoon fed this story from McConnell and his surrogate Sons Of Mitches.

What has been happening on the campaign trail, is that McConnell’s surrogate Sons Of Mitches follow Matt Bevin around everywhere with a video camera.  They record every move and they then go back to the lab.  These Sons Of Mitches slice and dice what they have.  They throw out what they don’t like and keep what they do.  They pretty much imitate what the New York Times does.  The NRO received a little video clip about Matt Bevin talking about working together with Democrats and Republicans to fix the country, like Ted Cruz he didn’t like Harry Reid’s shutdown and longed for the Reagan era when Tip O’Neill and Reagan would hammer out an agreement.  If you’ve been following the campaign, Bevin was consistently for Ted Cruz’s effort to Defund Obamacare.  The current so called bi-partisanship going on in DC is the Republicans giving Democrats everything they want and getting jack squat in return.  In the 80’s under Reagan they fought like dogs but at the end of the day they were able to come to an agreement.  Bevin was simply pointing out the days when things were done for the good of the country.  Somehow, what NRO got out of that was that Bevin was a moderate.  McConnell and his surrogate Sons Of Mitches are playing the re-verse purity game against Matt Bevin and it’s not working.

The truth is that conservatives have united behind Matt Bevin from the Senate Conservative’s Fund to Freedomworks, Madison Project and scores of Teaparty groups across this country.  Maybe this tactic would of stuck 2 years ago when Bevin didn’t have that support.  I’m confident Matt Bevin will win!

I had 2 other great interviews one from a former McConnell supporter J Craig of www.redknucklepolitics.com and Greg Fettig who’s helped unseat Richard Lugar and is now helping Matt Bevin.