The Republican #GA12 Clown show *AUDIO INTERVIEW

I’m from Southeast Georgia and I reside in John Barrow’s district.  This “so called” blue dog Democrat has enough people fooled in the southern tier of the District that he’s conservative.  He would be a conservative if he joined the fight to repeal Obamacare which he voted against doing.  Barrow would be a conservative if he voted to defund Obamacare.  John Barrow is beatable but apparently, the Georgia GOP continues to get behind terrible candidates.  In 2012 the worst of the worst had to be Lee Anderson.  Erick Erickson wrote a scathing piece on Lee Anderson’s record in 2012. 


“Anderson is a farmer, in the state legislature, refused in the state legislature to take a “no new taxes” pledge, and voted for the largest tax increase in Georgia history in a way that lacked any testicular fortitude — he pushed it off to voters and told them to either raise their taxes or he and the legislature would cut all their infrastructure spending. It was a catch 22 for voters and I cannot support him as a result.

And then there is the short, simple, painful truth about Lee Anderson — the man has seemingly never met two syllables without tripping over them. In a debate, John Barrow would eat the man up with some fava beans and a nice Chianti.

Don’t believe me? Watch for yourself: HERE and HERE

A terrible record and Elmer Fudd on Quaaludes ran against John Barrow and failed miserably.  When Lee Anderson made it to the runoff, Governor Nathan Deal, the National Campaign Committee and the state GOP all got behind and backed Lee Anderson and left Rick Allen out to dry.  So what did Elmer Fudd on steroids do?  He decided he would stay away from all debates against John Barrow and ran the Mickiest of Mickey Mouse campaigns.   John Barrow took to the radio and television airwaves and ran commercials that completely annihilated Lee Anderson.  It was very painful to watch.  It was like a chiwawa taking on a mountain lion.  It’s too bad too because Rick Allen would have been a great candidate.  Allen is now running again for 2014.  He’s conservative, smart, articulate and qualified to be a great representative for GA12.   He’s also had the added advantage of making it to the runoff before in 2012 and he’s now running again in 2014.  Second time around you always do better especially if you make it as far as he did.  So it would tell you that he would be the likely choice for the State GOP ….right?  Nope:  Charlie Harper from Peach Pundit talked to me about a new candidate entering the GA12 race,  Georgia State representative Delvis Dutton.

Now to be fair, Delvis Dutton is a strong conservative.  He’s one of the most conservative representatives in the Georgia House.  But come on! We are supposed to vet this candidate with 3 months away from early voting?  There is NO WAY Delvis can campaign for a few weeks and win.   Qualifying is the first week in March and the Georgia House will be in session probably thru first week in April and then May 20 is the race.  Now Charlie Harper explained to me that this is more about location.  Voters in the southern tier of the Georgia 12 district choose Barrow because they feel he is a Sam Nunn Democrat.  They are voting for a guy who spends a great deal of time in his district talking to folks and listening to people’s concerns.

The GOP higher ups in Georgia and DC are basing their pick on how the GA08 district was finally won by Republican Austin Scott when they finally got a candidate who was from the southern part of the district that they knew and loved.  I’m sorry, no matter how conservative Delvis Dutton is, he is still a roll of the dice because he hasn’t been fully vetted on this level by the voters.  Here’s the bigger part of the argument.  When was the last time a GOP candidate went for the jugular on John Barrow?   He claims that both parties are to blame with out of control spending.  When was the last time he wrote and submitted a bill or a budget to correct that problem?  When was the last time a Republican ran against him called him out on his BS?  John Barrow is a part of this idiotic “no labels” group that’s a liberal organization disguised as a moderate one. Nobody in the Georgia GOP is exposing this group for the two faced liberal liars that they are.

Lee Anderson certainly didn’t make the case and Rick Allen has.  So far Rick Allen is firing on all cylinders.  Allen’s been campaigning since Lee Anderson lost the election and has been hitting John Barrow hard on him playing footsies with Obamacare.

I have no ill will toward Delvis Dutton.  I do however believe it’s a gamble to get behind this guy without being properly vetted by voters in the 12th District.  My vote is with Rick Allen who has been vetted and is making the case for this election and is taking the fight to John Barrow.   Let’s just hope that the Georgia GOP king makers don’t abandon him when he wins the nomination.