Abortion Barbie is a winning strategy for the GOP *AUDIO INTERVIEW W/ ERICK ERICKSON

If you’ve been following Erick Erickson’s twitter timeline for the last couple of months leftists are going apoplectic over referring to Wendy Davis as Abortion Barbie. That is a sure sign for conservatives that their candidate is losing and losing badly. I discussed this with Erick Erickson in a phone interview.

 Erick discussed with me how the MSM gushed over her Barbie like looks and her pink sneakers and never mentioned why she was filibustering Texas legislation that would ensure abortion on demand and help facilitate more Kermit Gosnells of the world.

I think there is truth that if a candidate runs on a single issues like abortion they lose.  Wendy Davis is the perfect example.  There is a game that the media and Democrats  continue to play that Republicans continue to lose at.  Democrats are continually trying to re-define us on the issue of abortion and turn it into a war on women.  Republicans never go on the offensive for the most part when it comes to this issue and never do the job of telling the truth about Democrats and what they support when it comes to abortion.  This was evidenced by the Ken Cuccinelli run for Governor of Virginia.  He had too many DC consultants on his team who fostered a defensive posture for the vast part of the campaign especially early on, when it came to the issue of abortion and fighting back the narrative that Terry  McAuliffe created for him.  As Erick pointed out to me, when the moment Cuccinelli raised the pro-life issues his poll numbers shifted and it hurt McAuliffe.  Erick also pointed out to me there’s no race in this country where the candidate lost because he or she was pro-life.  Aiken and Murdock are the exceptions because of the careless way they handled questions about life.

Steve Deace made the comment that:

“No Republican has ever lost the presidency for being too pro-life, but several have lost when they’ve been perceived to be shills for crony capitalists.”

RBPundit from Pocket Of Liberty was frustrated when Cuccinelli lost and offered some great recommendation for Republicans fighting back the left when it comes to abortion.


Why do you think Democrats scream so loudly that Republicans are creating a war on women?  They have to! If their abortion on demand beliefs were fully vetted and challenged they would surely lose and they would run for the hills.

We have truth on our side, and the Democrats only have smear tactics–that and a weak middle of the road, establishment minority fostered by Rupert Murdoch.

Recently, Greta Van Susteran did a big hit piece on Erickson calling him “a creep, a jerk and hurting his own cause, while calling Wendy Davis ‘Abortion Barbie.”

What hurts more, being called a jerk by an establishment puppet, or having your neck snipped & being called “a chicken without a head” by the likes of Kermit Gosnell?

Erick fired back, and fired back hard including gruesome details of what happens during late term abortion procedures.

Like most Democrats, Greta is not used to seeing conservatives go on the offensive.  Of course she isn’t, she works for Fox News, where poll-tested Karl “Let’s Pressure Susan G. Komen to fund Planned Parenthood” Rove types are on display every day.

Considering the latest polls in the Texas gubernatorial race, where Davis now trails by more than 15 points, Foxnews and Greta couldn’t be more wrong. Greg Abbott’s lead over Wendy “Abortion Barbie” Davis is resounding, and has even led Davis to desperately attack his being disabled & in a wheelchair

There has been no comment about Davis’ campaign attack on Greg Abbott from the Franklin D. Roosevelt’s family, who spent most of his adult life in a wheelchair, and is the leftist role model for big government failure in America.

It’s time for Conservatives to take the lead again, fire first and then fire even harder.

Noted Links:


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The following articles were posted late in the Ken Cuccinelli race, but made a big impact. Had Cuccinelli been campaigning like this all along, he would have won. Instead, he only lost by 1.5% while opposing a third party fraud, while cutting McAuliffe’s lead with women in half, while winning the youth vote (that he never even contested) & while winning the much coveted independent vote:


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