Governor Nathan Deal deserves blame w/ #Snowpocalypse *AUDIO INTERVIEW

So the whole nation turned it’s attention to the snow coming down in Atlanta.  We are now in the very stupid habit of naming Winter storms.  This one was named “Leon”.  I was hoping they could call it “Levon” so it would have an Elton John song to go with the stupid name.  By all accounts fair or unfair, Georgia Governor Dean is looking very bad and very ineffective.  There are lots of polls being taken in Atlanta on who is to blame for the failures of the storm.  I think the typical reaction of Governor Deal supporters is to circle the wagon and not objectively look at how things were handled.

 “The biggest group, 28 percent, said the “mayor or county officials in the affected areas” were the most to blame. Next came the Georgia Department of Trans­portation with 20 percent, followed by Gov. Na­than Deal at 15 percent. Because the online poll was conducted statewide by Opinion­Savvy, individual mayors weren’t listed by name.  Only 12 percent said weather forecasters had fallen down on the job.”   Just 34 percent approved of Deal’s handling of the state response, while 49 percent disapproved and 17 percent had no opinion.  The InsiderAdvantage/Morris News survey of 434 Geor­gians, performed Wednesday, had a 4.6 percent margin of error.”

When there’s any accumulation of snow falling in Atlanta this is usually the course of action that follows in Atlanta who my government employee Brother-In-Law explained pretty well in a facebook post.

“The reality is that the city doesn’t want to spend millions and millions of dollars on snow equipment only to have it sit in city yards rusting away for years until one day it snows. So in their defense, the city does not have an adequate enough equipment to manage a snow storm and so the best option is that when the weatherman calls for snow the government ask that non essential services take the day off (to reduce traffic) the school system cancel school (further reducing traffic) and public service announcements be given to encourage private businesses to give their employees the day off (to further decrease traffic).”

I talked with James Williams from Drifting Through The Grift about all of the failures regarding this Atlanta snowstorm in a phone interview.   Jason detailed how GEMA carried the majority of the blame in dealing with the snow and how there was a major breakdown of communication between the National Weather Service, GEMA and the Department of Transportation.  This storm was tracked for the last three days and they had several hours to act with the information they received.

You really can’t blame Mayor Reed in regard to this.  I know Reed is making the media rounds and is getting pounded but he’s only responsible for the City Limits of Atlanta and not the surrounding area.  The city limits were relatively clear of snow and the city stayed functional.    What makes matters worse for Governor Deal and Mayor Reed, is the perception battle.  They were at an awards luncheon during the worst part of the storm with millions of people trying to leave the city.  With the upcoming 2014 election, expect to see pictures and television ads with Governor Deal and Mayor Reed at this awards luncheon.

I’m hearing from Republicans who are circling the wagon for Governor Nathan Deal.  It’s understandable.  You watch the left wing media tearing him apart and it brings back memories of how all the blame was placed on George W. Bush during Katrina while Mayor Ray Nagan and Governor Kathleen Blanco got a free ride from the press and were not held accountable.  It was even worst when the Rove consulted Bush administration didn’t fight back this narrative which helped the left wing media and democrats define Republicans and have caused problems for our party even today.

I’m hearing from people that a host of mayors were to blame throughout the suburbs, GEMA, County School Superintendents and the Department of Transportation.  Where’s the leadership? Didn’t we see leadership with Bobby Jindal with hurricanes, Governor Perry’s leadership with wild fires and Mayor Rudy Giuliani’s leadership with 9/11?  I can assure you these governors were leading.  Where was Governor Nathan Deal directing all the necessary agencies, contacting mayors and school boards and getting everyone on the same page?  I’m sorry, that’s called leadership.  His approval ratings seem healthy for re-election but you just have to wonder when does the circling of the wagons for him stop?  It’s not stopping when it comes to his abysmal failure in pushing T-SPLOST down the throat of Georgians.  It hasn’t stopped when it comes to Governor Nathan Deal allowing Common Core to take root in Georgia Public Schools.  It hasn’t stopped when it comes to Governor Nathan Deal allowing driver’s licenses to be issued to illegal aliens and appointing a pro-amesty radical to the board of corrections.   I’m hoping he has a strong enough conservative challenger with a lot of grassroots support to face him in the upcoming Georgia primary.