Georgia Republicans: Shills for Amnesty

Well here we go, I’m writing this article on Monday afternoon before the State of The Union address and we already know what Obama will be pushing and unfortunately what the GOP will also be shoving down the throats of Americans.  Matthew Boyle’s latest piece in Breitbart makes it clear that the GOP Establishment is doubling down and will destroy any conservative in their path that dare challenges their journey down the road to shear anarchy with Amnesty leading the way.   I talked extensively with Daniel Horowitz from the Madison Project about what the GOP in DC has in mind.

Daniel discussed with me many themes that we see time and time again from the GOP establishment and how they have continued to feed us a pack of lies.  Boehner and his merry band of elites scold us all the time on how we can’t do anything with only control of one house but, Republicans are perfectly fine to bow to King Barack Obama and use the house of representatives to fundamentally transform this country into Barack Obama’s image.    The greed of the GOP establishment knows no bounds.  They are willing to destroy this country via Amnesty while receiving campaign contributions from the Chamber of government controlled Commerce, Big Business looking for cheap labor and open border anarchists.

John Boehner choosing  Rebecca Tallent was no accident.  Daniel Horowitz calls Tallent the “Navy Seal” of Amnesty who helped Schumer and McCain craft several Amnesty bills in years past.    Horowitz reminds us that this is why the primaries are so important.  If we don’t replace the current GOP we are guaranteed to have Amnesty and then life in America changes in ways in which we can’t recover from thanks to the betrayal of the GOP.  Horowitz reminds us that the Republican Platform has unequivocal principles of secure borders and upholding the rule of law and upholds a pathway to legal citizenship and denounces illegal immigration.  The GOP Establishment is discarding that platform so they can help Obama transform America.

We see statements coming from Boehner, McCarthy and Cornyn indicating they plan on rolling the base and using them as worthless pawns to advance their amnesty goals and how they need to get past the primaries so they can help Obama pass Amnesty in 2015.  The need to engage the primaries and throw out the GOP Establishment is essential if we want to change the direction of the country.

What makes the battle even harder is seeing red states betraying their voters by supporting Amnesty.  Georgia is a prime example of this happening.  I discussed this betrayal with D.A. King. 


D.A. King a few months back had an article in Breitbart detailing how Governor Nathan Deal appointed a radical anti-immigration open borders anarchist to the Department of Corrections, a Mrs. Rocio Del Milagro Woody.

This is not a token position but one with a lot of power and influence.   This was not merely an oversight by Governor Deal’s account.  There is growing evidence that Georgia Republicans are helping Obama pave the way to Amnesty.  Mrs. Woody is on the board of GALEO a far left open borders organization.  The one Republican on the board is a lawyer who is in the process of suing the Georgia Board of Regents along with 3 dozen illegal immigrants to force a court to favor in-state tuition for illegal immigrants.    Senate Republican lawmakers in Georgia have the power to vacate this nominee and not confirm her. D.A. King has talked to several of them and they refuse to give a position on what they plan on doing one way or another with the confirmation of Mrs. Woody.

President Obama has abused the DACCA statute which allows children of illegal immigrants to grant citizenship on a case-by-case basis.  Obama has unilaterally and unlawfully extended this law to 1 million illegal aliens who are of a certain age and can say they were brought here as children to no fault of their own. This means they are allowed to work in the United States and can have green cards and social security numbers issued to them.  With their social security numbers, they are getting driver’s licenses and the state of Georgia is not doing anything to stop it.    These illegal aliens also can renew this amnesty status every two years without any fear of being deported.  The state of Georgia has been issuing driver’s licenses to illegal aliens since the summer of 2012.

The Georgia legislature which has a Republican supermajority, can easily pass a law stopping illegal aliens from obtaining driver’s licenses.  DA King has been trying to get the attention of the Georgia legislature about this and they chose to ignore him.  They have too many people in the business community who want cheap labor contributing to their campaigns.  They are also afraid of standing up to the Republican Governor who’s evidently giving key open border anarchists political appointments within his administration.   You can imagine how this can easily open things up to Voter Fraud.   Can you imagine how this can nullify voter ID laws?  Just have illegal aliens criminally register to vote.  When they have IDs how do you possibly stop them from voter fraud?  D.A also mentioned to me that in Georgia you can use your college ID to register to vote.  Imagine if illegal aliens are granted in-state tuition? They could illegally register to vote this way as well in Georgia.

DA King mentioned how there are 11 foreign language tests available to get your driver’s license.  The state law passed in 1996 makes English the official language in Georgia.  This law is completely ignored because of the crony capitalism going on between elected officials and big businesses and big agriculture wanting cheap labor in Georgia.  What’s happening in Georgia, is a mirror image of what is going on in DC.   DA King is pushing to make the Georgia legislature create a ballot initiative that amends the Georgia Constitution to have English as a second language.  Polling shows that this ballot measure would be overwhelmingly popular in Georgia and would pass by a landslide.  Georgia Republicans refuse to put such an initiative on the ballot because of their unholy alliances.  They are suppressing the will of the people.  D. A. King urges every Georgia resident to call the Governor’s office at 404-656-1776 and David Rolsten the Speaker of the Georgia Houses’ number at 404-656-5020 to make your opinions known on this issue.

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