Libertarian Rocky Mountain High Taxes and Big Government thanks to legalization


by @willstauff

“I’m for legalizing pot.” Oh, well how Libertarian of you. The same Libertarians who want to join conservatives in auditing the fed, abolishing the IRS, and reigning in the overreach of Government want to legalize pot.

“But Will, legalizing marijuana is clearly a libertarian principle.” Is it now? If that’s the case then why are so many articles written from marijuana.org to every pro-hemp consumer, pandering to elected government officials about how wonderful it is to tax & regulate pot, and what kind of windfall profit society would receive to grow government? Sounds like more government bureaucracy to me.

I talked extensively with Jen Kuznicki from CSN News about this.

Her latest blog entry from her website explains how legalization is a big government ploy:

“..Legalizing pot outright like this is going to be heaven for the politicians, the regulators, bureaucracy, and they see it as a new way to get money to continue spending on programs that the government has no business getting into.

Most pot smokers I know would rather get rid of all government let them live their lives, and maybe keep the fire department and emergency rooms around, but not the cops. OK, so not a lot of them are clear thinkers…

But in Colorado’s zeal to legalize pot, they have fed themselves to the government pigs, and made situations worse.”

Jen also messaged me with this about how politicians are hoping to profit one way or another:

“Some will position for, some will position against, but most will pander to whatever bad happens and use corporate or medical lobby money to propose a solution. Legalization is plain stupid.

In MI, the pandering RINOS are already at it. We have medical marijuana, something I support. But, it was just passed in the Senate, that IF the fed gov changes pot to a Schedule II drug, that you’ll have to get it at the pharmacies. We just expanded Medicaid.

What that means is that they know the Federal Government will change it to a Schedule II, and now it will be centralized with big pharma. That kills any notion of the free market. Libs just want it legalized; they’ll mostly get it free via Medicaid, hence the centralization, regulatory enticement for greedy politicians.”

Let’s be honest, this isn’t about any legitimate argument about smaller government, this issue is all about the pothead parasites getting high on Rocky Mountain Reefer. Oh is that too harsh? I like the way of how Nancy Grace does it better than the way conservatives afraid to offend their libertarian friends don’t do it. I’m not the biggest fan of liberal Nancy Grace from CNN but on legalizing pot she just nails it here!

Just like the welfare state, legalization breeds crime, chaos, and tax-payers footing the bill for expanding social costs of potheads. It also puts a drain on the economy. Add legalized pot to the growing unemployment rate and you have the radical transformation of America that Obama is looking for; a permanent underclass broke and lost under a dark green cloud of cannabis. Former undercover DEA agent and author of the book The Infiltrator Robert Mazur, discussed with me how legalization is causing chaos in the banking industry and how legalization will inevitably lead to more crime which will over-burden the police force.

Robert Mazur told me how there is present and growing mass confusion with the banking community and with legal pot distributors. Banks which are federally insured have to obey federal law. Federal law states that marijuana is classified as a schedule I drug that’s highly addictive with no medical purpose. Banks won’t do business with pot distributors because of this federal law. This law has forced shop owners to walk around with bags of cash. Some shop owners are trying to work around this by breaking up their transactions with banks under 10 thousand dollars to keep their businesses under the radar. The only problem with that, it’s called “structuring” which is a felony. Walking around with bags of cash exacerbates the problem of Robbery and crime which is already present with communities that have legalized marijuana.

This is where you get into the territory of myths regarding marijuana. There is a “myth” in Libertarian circles regarding pot, that states that the cartels and drug traffickers will be put out of business once the government regulates cannabis.  This is completely false. In Colorado your seeing skyrocketing demand thanks to legalization which creates an opportunity for drug traffickers to create a black market. This isn’t much of a stretch to believe that this is possible. We have already seen this with tobacco being sold on the black market.

Robert Mazur points out that this kind of thinking is naïve. It’s like going to a restaurant and the server says we are out of “this” item. The restaurant is still going to be in business and your still going to eat. Cartels are heavily involved in cocaine, meth, heroine, kidnapping and pills. Keep in mind what these naïve shop keepers are up against. They are not trying to cut into the profits of an 18 year old drug dealer on the corner. They are dealing with dangerous transnational organizations who deal in all types of crime. It’s a revolving door where one door is closed and another one opens to kidnapping and extortion and hard core drugs.


Robert Mazur makes the case that we need to do a better job of dealing with the “demand” issues of drug use by improving the quality of treatment facilities but to open up the flood gates on “supply” only leads to chaos. I know the pothead parasites hate the cops with a passion and love the fact that legalization puts a burden on the police, as they have to deal with violent crime and chaos. but let’s consider everyone else who’s not high sharing a joint with their kids.

If the cartels and drug traffickers are setting up a black market that means police will have to deal with legal and non-legal pot possession. An extra cost to them with regard to resources that taxpayers have to pay. This will cause the police to shy away from pot altogether. The only problem is they will be made to care because it’s proven that increased violent crime occurs in communities that sell pot. Let’s look at Amsterdam and California that potheads like to use as an example of perfection.

In Amsterdam, officials are in the process of closing marijuana dispensaries, or “coffee shops,” because of the crime associated with their operation.”

Oops there goes putting the cartels out of business fantasy out the window.

“Dutch Ministry of Health, Welfare and Sport has expressed concern about drug and alcohol use among young people and the social consequences, which range from poor school performance and truancy to serious impairment, including brain damage.
Amsterdam’s experience is already being duplicated in California under the current medical marijuana statute.”

In Los Angeles, police report that areas surrounding cannabis clubs have experienced a 200 percent increase in robberies, a 52.2 percent increase in burglaries, a 57.1 percent increase in aggravated assault, and a 130.8 percent increase in burglaries from automobiles. Current law requires a doctor’s prescription to procure marijuana; full legalization would likely spark an even more acute increase in crime.”

Yeah I’m sure the cartels and drug trafficker have been put out of business. How’s that Libertarian state control argument working out for them?