The Trump Mask Slipped...

So at what point can a “pivot” be classed as more of a whirling dervish, a merry-go-round-run amok or some other spinning thing spinning rapidly out of control?

Now, we heard about Trump meeting with Hispanic leaders and this happened…


Or maybe it didn’t..but Buzzfeed has been close to on things and a grain of truth, smoke there’s fire and all those other pundity justifications for stuff found on the inter webs.

What are we to make of that? All of the “NeoAlt” (did I just invent that? If so, I can tell you where to send royalties for use) positioning out the window? Or is it now just an attempt to control the cycle and get Trump’s minions chances to do the “See, what had happened was…” Or “What the unqualified, bloviating jackass meant was…”

In a nod to the most Machiavellian campaign move in history, The King of the NeoAlt adds a pollster (Wow, he loves polling, except when he doesn’t) who maxed out donations to Ted Cruz and a the Oscar Madison of Agitated Political Theater who looks like he was tumble dried on high heat and left there for three days. And then Trump moves…..Left? Left? As in not Right?  I am sure The Wall will soon be protecting certain off limits areas of Mar-A-Lago.

Staff: “Ok we’re in trouble. Shall we do something smart and actually run a legitimate campaign?”

Trump: “Where is my Big Mac?”

Other Staff: “Actually Steve and Kellyanne, I was thinking this moment calls for more thoroughly stupid statements and positions contrary to everything we have done to date.”

Trump: “I asked for the McPick Two? Where are the McNuggets?”

Staff: “Great idea. And have Pierson and Scottie Nell add some other stupid inanities, lies and word vomit on top of all of it. Man, we are great at this!”

The Scampaign Continues Guaranteed in Concept and Execution to Achieve One, and Only One Goal.