So long rule of law

In announcing the pending retirement of Supreme Court justice, David Souter, President Obama said the primary quality he was looking for in a new justice was empathy.  Since the Code of Hammurabi, civilized societies have used written law to bring about social stability and see that the coercive power of government was applied fairly and uniformly.  This nearly four thousand year old doctrine is apparently to be abandoned in favor of a system that smiles on the party with the saddest sob story. At least when Ginsburg and Breyer eschew the US Constitution in order to impose their own personal policy preferences, they have the decency to search for some corresponding international law in order to keep up appearances.  The majesty of the Supreme Court will be transformed into  a circus sideshow as the parade of victims is pathetically marched through the chambers, complete with neck braces, orphans, lost dreams, and Tiny Tim crutches. On the other hand, this development presents new commercial opportunities.  Disadvantaged Hitmen LLC will be open for business shortly. You pick thet target, we do the crime, no one does the time because our [fill in the blank disadvantage] tugs at the heartstrings. Is this the change we’ve been waiting for?