Senator, You Are No Reagan!

Citizen of the world. Hm… aren’t we all? At least he’s not a jelly filled doughnut. Well…let me take that back.I was in the colors team presented at Pres. Reagan’s “Mr. Gorbachev, tear down this wall” speech. We kind of gave a chuckle at the time. ‘Yeah, right. Like that’s ever going to happen.’ I was out of the Army and in my first year of college when the wall came down. Recently I found some web sites of Berlin Brigade veterans who have been posting photos of the dilapidated American Bases. WOW! I grew up there. It reminded me of the long tedious days standing in guard tower three of Spandau Prison watching a decrepit old Nazi trying to force a goose step into his 90 something bones in a sad attempt to get the goat of a 19 year old American GI. I could care less. The enemy was then the Communist Russians whom we had fun staring down at every change-over cycle of the prison. Yep, Marxist Socialists were the enemy 20 years ago. Now they’re running for president. It is sad Obama and his speech is being compared to Presidents Kennedy and Reagan. The knucklehead isn’t even a president. But he shore does look good, don’t he.Just like Kennedy and his short lived administration. It is all show and no substance and just like Kennedy the MEDIA fawns for him. Ah, the new Camelot.RETCH! Give me a break! Can we get the media to do their jobs and start asking the Jr. Senator from Illinois with his (less than) two years of Federal experience some tough questions? Or are they afraid the MoveOn.org fascists are going to pulverize them for being some kind of -IST? Must feel kind of icky to be PUNK’D by George Soros!