Let us be Republicans again!

Why are the moderates of the party still talking about what it takes to win elections?!? These are the folks that kept saying the entire election cycle, we need to run to the middle; we need to be more moderate; we need to add some liberal platforms to our party (Global Warming). I think it goes without saying unless you have been living under a rock for the past few weeks; the Republican Party did not fare well that first Tuesday of November.

With that being said it’s astonishing to see how fast the moderates in the party are already starting to mobilize for 2012. They are getting fast to work at throwing the social conservatives of the party under the bus as if they are the reason their “I am not quite as liberal as a democrat” style of politics didn’t work out so well.

The key to beating democrats in the past has not been to be more like them; but to clearly highlight the huge differences between us! We didn’t do that this election at all, instead we let the presidential race become a “Who’s more different than Bush” contest. Republicans did not run as republicans this year, they ran as Democrats without the “D” but with a funny little “R” symbol next to their name. So of course when the voters have the choice between Democrats and the wannabes; they may as well go with the real deal!

So here is my idea, instead of spending the next few years having meetings and discussions about what positions the Republican Party should change to “appeal” to certain voting blocs; we should be highlighting how our positions are so drastically different than the democrats to anyone who will listen. Issues like gun control, abortion, gay marriage, global warming, energy, free markets, taxes, small government and strong national defense. Then all we have to do is just find the elected leaders that aren’t afraid to talk about these issues with the public, possibly the most challenging part!