Romney, the 1st Anti-capitalist, right?


Since Mitt Romney opened the door to calling candidates desperate then we must examine his anti-capitalist  views. Clearly he’s desperate to shut down legitimate debate and his followers fail to discuss rationally why his career matters not what he did for a living.  Investing or buying businesses is not in question but the man’s business practices are fair game.  Make no mistake, we must vet all issues because if he can’t close the sale with voters on his past, then its fair to assume general election voters could follow the words of the incumbent.

Romney supported government run healthcare over private market solutions.  Not capitalist.

Romney supported mandates and still does.

Romney supported TARP.

Romeny supported the auto bailouts.

Romney said Newt Gingrich should give back pay earned because of a false claim that the Speaker was a lobbyist advising banks.  Doesn’t Mitt respect lobbying and the fact that lobbying is a capitalist endeavor that connects businesses, bureaucrats and politicians as well as serving the public’s needs?

Other candidates have been put under a microscope except Romney, seems to me the scrutiny is not only fair game but for a candidate to use leftist tactics long before the  “firing” issue clearly still paints Romney as someone who has not only hurt the party first but he also hasn’t taken responsibility for his misgivings either.  Nor has he stopped the leftist practices.


None of these remarks are things a capitalist nor a Republican would say except for Romney said them all and possibly more could be found.   

Doesn’t that mean Mitt Romney is an anti-capitalist too?  Of course it does if you follow the campaign sound bytes coming from the man who uses a teleprompter while also using leftist strategy to demonize his opponents and undecided voters as well as those who have chosen someone other than a man who hired liberals.  Seems easy to just say not to hiring liberals for key positions since they are anti-capitalist types who regulate and tax industry.

If you think Rick Perry or Newt Gingrich or RS members are anti-capitalist then you’ve failed to comprehend the leftist tactic to shut down a legitimate concern…………Romney’s career history.   We have time to vet and choose wisely, what we should avoid is adopting the Romney attack style because it divides the party.   This is the same man who attack Jon Huntsman for serving our countries capitalist needs in China.