Romney - do you trust his Wavier flip flop or AGW?

Romney has flip flopped on ObamaCare more than once.  The latest “story” is he’ll “grant waivers for all 50 states”, before that it was “repeal ObamaCare”.  No need for waivers if repealed.   His campaign ideals are far from consistent and lack honesty and integrity.  Americans want a man of character not a showboat who makes excuses like I change my positions just as business leaders adapt to the changing biz environment.

Yes true, but in politics those who change tend to be less reliable and consistent till elected therefore trust is an issue.  Once a position is solidified most voters expect the candidate to remain firm. Conservative policy hasn’t changed as much as Romney has.  Romney has also said gov and the biz world are 2 different environments, he said this criticizing Rick Perry as someone who never ran a company.  So flip flopping is something he needs to work on and I don’t see that changing yet Romney has been working towards 2012 since 2008.

What about the states that don’t want a wavier???  Does Romney plan to allow ObamaCare to drain Fed resources to liberal states including Massachusetts? Why wouldn’t MA pass the buck on to the Fed? California, OR, WA and so on, yikes, we end up paying billions.   Thanks to Romney, fed taxpayers already pay half the cost ofMA’s RomneyCare in, or should I call it ObamneyCare.  Either way the bill was poorly vetted and the Smitten one signed it anyway.

While polls are glimpse into the window of time compiling public opinion on any given day we are fortunate that polls change like the weather.  And we have plenty of time to choose from the final 4.   Yes 4,  not 2 as the liberal media continue to push.  Who are the final 4, you decide, don’t let dogma dictate your opinion.  Romney has a long way to go as he has never polled above 25% against other candidates in major polls.   Same was true in 2008.  While he may poll better than Obama, the heartland of America has a lot more vetting to do.

Streif’s diary lends creed to Romney as a bigger flip flop on AGW, so is he for carbon reduction or believe CO2 is pseudoscience and scaremongering for Dem dollars to only give to nations that hate us?  Hard to say at this juncture.  http://www.redstate.com/streiff/2011/10/07/mitt-romneys-troubling-appointments/#addcommentanchor

Has Romney ever apologized for RomneyCare, hell no of course not! He beleives it was the right thing to do and it only cost 8 times more than he predicted.  Such a pro at budgeting and projecting forward, NOT!  If elected will Romney hire anyone that advised him on healthcare

Will national dems eat Romney alive?  Massachusetts dems shoved bills onto his desk a second time after being vetoed.  Proof Romney lacked the leadership skills to garner support to kill bills in committee or before the vote.  The second run on many bills the pass the legislature only lends creed that Romney could face the same if dems win back the House in 2014.

Remember these are the same dems that obstructed banking reform in 2002 and 2005 only to see the housing market collapse as predicted.  Not too many real adults on the left, a President Romney will bring out the howl of the loons of the far left who still have more power than the centrists and moderates.   Would I vote for Romney if nominated, sure anyone is better than Obama.  But we should never settle just because the establishment leans Romney’s way.  My fear is the Smitten One will become a big spender similar to Bush.

Also, when will the media ask Obama how he feels about voting against banking reform in 2005 considering the banking collapse.  Dems said the housing market would fail with reform, said the gop was racist to push for reform because minorities and the poor wouldn’t be able to qualify for loans.  The market collapsed and Obama has never been asked about it.  Pass this on to media contacts and push the question in a press briefing.   Someone asked Obama about voting against a debt ceiling raise, so my question is fair game too. Good question for Fox News!

We have to ask tough questions and face the facts no matter the outcome.

Denial is your coping mechanism – William Jameson