Keith Olbermann for Senator

Some people can dream and some are delusional even without drugs.  Read a couple of comments, one person suggested KO would be a better president than Obama.  As suggested via comments – President Olbermann……a Stephen King like movie with the USA going to hell.  KO for Senate was funnier than Chris Matthews thinking about running……at least Matthews had a career as an aide to SoH Tip O’Neil.  

Being smart doesn’t make a media shill a good choice.  KO has thrown a lot of bombs at republicans and his tone towards the gop and conservatives is a thousand times worse than Congressman Cohen aka the Goebbeles expert.  With such a foul mouth, Dog Catcher is the best KO could be elected.  However if Hugo Chavez needed an advisor, Olbermann would be perfect.  This article was too funny not to share. 


Keith Olbermann, Senator? ‘Draft Olbermann’ For Senate Movement Launched

A movement has begun to draft Keith Olbermann to run for the Senate in Connecticut.

The movement was launched by Daily Kos contributor Stranded Wind, who wrote on Saturday that Olbermann–who, after his abrupt departure from MSNBC, has some time on his hands– is “just old enough, smart enough, polished enough, and has all of the other attributes that would make him a darned good Senator for the state of Connecticut.”

The movement now has a Twitter and Facebook page. On the Facebook page, the people behind the effort say they are “just a bunch of fans who want to see Keith Olbermann run for Senate- this voice is too important to be silenced.”



I’m sorry that I can’t show you the entire clip. Sincerely. It’s an instant classic of nutroots porn, second only to Colbert’s faux-dissident burlesque at the White House correspondents’ dinner. In fact, Olby goes further than Colby: we’re all used to the comparisons of Bush to Hitler and the Democrats to Neville Chamberlain, but never before have I heard someone compare Bush to Chamberlain — and to Hitler (or some generic “fascist,” if you prefer), both in the span of a few moments. Olbermann’s commentary here is thus the ne plus ultra of one of the fringe left’s favorite delusions, the notion that pretending the threat doesn’t exist is the bravest and most effective way of fighting it. In the Olberverse, Russ Feingold is Winston Churchill.


Keith Olbermann Special Comment: Dick Cheney is a terrorist


Mr President “YOU are a Terrorist”