Open letter to the Tea Partiers, 9-12ers & other Patriots.

Wiley for US Senate – Nevada

Conservative Pro-Life, Pro-Gun, Statesman Mike Wiley, dubbed the “Protector of the 1st and 2nd Amendments” by the Reject Reid PAC on Facebook and the only US Senate candidate in the Nevada Republican Primary to be involved in the battle for freedom since 1992, issued the following communiqué to the organized and unorganized resistance to Barack Obama and his S.C.U.M. (Socialists, Communists, Utopians, Marxists).

My fellow Patriots,

I welcome you to this battle for freedom that our founding fathers knew would take place. It was inevitable that at some point, the greed of power would envelop the political structure of our Republic and we would have to employ the constitutional powers bestowed upon us by those founding fathers to regain the freedoms we have lost over the last 100 years or so.

Little by little we have moved away from the strict interpretations of the Constitution under the guise of “promoting the general welfare” of the country.

We have watched as our Federal Education System has produced poor results, providing for an electorate of ignorance. Our elected representatives do not feel this is an issue, who would guess?

We have watched as our Federal Protection System has failed while millions of illegal aliens have populated our cities, creating higher incidences of crime, poverty and moral decay. And the response from the Federal government has been to award those criminals with Health Care, Welfare and other social assistance at the expense of our own families. Even today the 2010 census will count them as citizens, instead of sending them back home.

We have watched while one of our smallest demographic classes, “Millionaires”, who make up less than 1% of the population of this country, infest our Congress at a rate of over 50%. This class of millionaires has placed their own financial well being ahead of the needs of the American people. The results of what has gone on in Congress, supports this claim.

Millionaires can buy advertising dollars which entices the media who benefits from those dollars to repeatedly cover those candidates and shut out those of common wealth. This prevents you from knowing about these candidates who may be better suited to represent you in Congress.

And so as I could spend many pages reiterating what we already know about, the deficits, the economy, the education, the state of welfare, health care and the immigration problem, we do know that the millionaires tend to become wealthier the longer they stay in office. We have seen Senators pass bills and earmarks into the hands of their husbands or wives to benefit their family estate.

Now, with all the debt and unfunded liabilities our children are saddled with a $340,000 debt bill to pay. This is not a difficult sum to half of the congress, but to 99% of the American population of legal Americans it is a financial disaster just waiting to happen.

As a radio talk show host back in 1991, I began to discover these issues after my investigation into the Savings and Loan Scandal when I saw how the Congress of the United States created the laws to allow the scandal to be funded and then their best buddies ran with the cash and who paid the bill? We did.

In 1992, I joined the United We Stand movement to establish a third way of thinking that made more sense and was more lawful than what the two established political parties were doing.

In 1993, I created a radio talk show known as the Patriot Radio Network in Florida, while Glenn Beck was in Tampa talking about traffic issues and local headaches; I was leading the rebellion that both you and Glenn have finally joined. I was the first to use the Patton music fifteen years before Mark Levin, whose radio show today is a reflection of how my show was done.

In 1994, when the Far Left Regime of Madame Hillary and her Husband Bill tried to take away our gun rights, I spoke out while other talk show hosts and politicians did nothing. On February 12, 1994, 7,500 Patriots followed me to Tallahassee, Florida, while a six hour event of speeches and demonstrations let the local politicians know that we were not giving up our guns and we were not going to tolerate any more attempts to violate our 2nd amendment rights.

Two days later on February 14th a Valentine’s Day massacre occurred and the Florida House and Senate capitulated removing a total of twelve bills from the floor and conference pertaining to gun control and America had won. That rally aroused the interest in several gun-owners of both major parties to ask me to run for the US Senate to provide leadership in Washington and true representation as the founding fathers had envisioned.

In order to run, I would have to give up my radio talk show job that I loved dearly and my only method of income. I was compelled to run for love of country and the will of the people. Plus, with the Far Left in power no one was safe. A Democrat led Congress and a Democrat in the White House spelled certain doom for the constitution and the wallets of the American people.

You may remember Hillary healthcare the fore-runner to Obama Care was on the table, with 5 year prison sentences if you were caught going to the wrong doctor. The nightmare we face today with Obama and his S.C.U.M., was created in the basement laboratories of Chairman Mao and Josef Stalin under the leadership of Madame Hillary in Washington D.C.

I could not let this threat go unchallenged. With less than $20,000 in donations, I captured 39 out of 67 counties and finished second out of four in the Democrat US Senate Primary in Florida, where I ran as a conservative Democrat. I forced a run off with Hillary Rodham Clinton’s brother and that was when all the fun began. You can read my book, “The Diary of Hillary’s Right Wing Conspirator” if you want to find out more about that time period in American history, the media was so obliged to forget.

Final results: We Conservatives took back the Congress around the country in 1994, but I lost my house, my marriage and one year later my radio career when the Clinton Regime had me removed from the airwaves in Boston. Was it in response to my not taking the bribe to drop out of the US Senate race the year before or was it because the Clinton’s believed that I, as a conservative Jewish talk show host in Boston, incited Neo-Nazi’s in Ponca City, Oklahoma, just a few thousand miles away to blow up the William R Murrow Federal Building in Oklahoma City, while Janet Reno and the FBI had informants in the group who just couldn’t manage preventing the building from coming down on innocent civilians?

Two weeks after I was taken off the air in Boston, I was invited to join the Republican Party. I had started out as a Libertarian in 1993, ran as a Democrat in 1994 to avoid a primary battle with the incumbent Senator from Florida; Connie Mack, who conservative Republicans wanted defeated, and in 1995 started a split in the Boston Libertarian Party when I led a pro-life revolt in the Libertarian meetings. Fighting for principles in a political party never seems to end.

Where was a pro-life, pro gun, America First Patriot to go to find a political home? Answer; the Republican Party. Two months after I joined I became the Spokesman in Massachusetts for the 1996 Buchanan for President Campaign. My last official speech in politics was made on March 3rd 1996 during a blizzard on Lexington Green, where the “Shot heard round the world” was fired. I was warming up the crowd of frozen Patriots before Pat was to make an appearance.

As a Republican Conservative and spokesperson my first job was battling RINO’s in Massachusetts and Liberals on the TV talk circuit, who were concerned that Pat Buchanan was going to take too much of the Pro-Life Catholic and labor union vote that swells in the Democratic Party in Massachusetts, just as Scott Brown did last week.

While I was successful defending conservatism against the Liberals on TV, the campaign could not overcome the large block of RINO’s in Massachusetts nor the supposed main street conservatives in South Carolina and Bob Dole and the nation lost to another four years of Bill Clinton. Just as I could not overcome the large block of Liberals in the Democratic Party Primary in the 1994 US Senate Race, Pat could not overcome the large block of RINO’s in the Republican Party Primary.

Now some fourteen years later we have the Far Left lunatics running Washington D.C. and the Constitution is under attack. This time the financial well being of the nation is leaning over the abyss and the Marxist in the White House is the President and not the First Lady as was the case in 1993 to 2000.

Once again I find myself compelled to compete to help save my country, even though my financial well being is not strong while my patriotism is.

You see it is your fault. You Tea Partiers and 9-12ers. If you had just stayed home and sat in your recliners watching TV, I could have gone on with my life. But no, you had to pick up where I left off. You had to march on Washington demanding freedom.

I as a true Patriot and Conservative could not let you do this on your own and after seeing the crop of career politicians looking to benefit from Harry Reid’s weakness and your strength jumped into the race. Three millionaires and a couple of career politicians are trying to get you to believe that they are your candidate and the media is helping them all they can.

But I and one other conservative Patriot must campaign on dimes and quarters and watch as the media ignores our positions of constitutional strength that is until one of our opponents brings up what we had said a month earlier and then it shows up in the news.

I am sure this is happening all over the country. New found conservatives scour our websites to learn what to say and how to say it. They practice it at night so if you ask them a question on it they will know how to answer.

Please, I beg of you for all that you have done, do not let this rebellion be led off the cliff by those who want your vote for their benefit.

One of the millionaire’s wives has already said they are prepared to move their family of six to Washington for six or maybe twelve years. They are packing up to go. Good thing they have the money to keep two homes. How many people in America could afford that? This candidate has run in 2006 and 2008 without success and now is trying again in 2010.

We have another career politician who has run for office every two years since 1998, having won a seat in the assembly, a part time office for four straight terms and then ran for office in 2006 and 2008 unsuccessfully and now is running again in 2010.

What is it with these people that must become a politician, who have no problem asking people to send them thousands every two years for them to run around the state saying vote for me, “I’m the Conservative”. If they say they believe that the private sector is so important, than why don’t they try and get a real job, instead of one the tax payers have to pay for?

Then there is the candidate with the hardhat on her head to give you the impression she knows what she is talking about with regard to the economy and such. She shut out the Ron Paul votes in the 2008 Republican convention with a stage right exit and now wants all to be forgiven for she would never do that again, like donate to Harry Reid. I voted for the job tax before I was against it, I was not pro-life then, but I am now.

Do you want to know why the Congress is populated with a bunch of Frauds? It is because you elected them. You did not pay close attention to what they have done versus what they say. Hitler and Obama were both elected as well on what they had said, not what they had done.

Actions speak louder than words. Your march to Washington spoke loud and clear to me, that you want true representation. Then vote for real people. They may not be wealthy, they may not get media coverage, but they know the truth, they know the laws and they have lived to uphold them.

Stop allowing the media that ignored your march to Washington, to ignore your candidates.

More than likely the candidates they are showcasing are their candidates, not yours.

The campaign for the US Senate seat in Nevada started off with a poll, based solely on name recognition. The media then chose to only cover those candidates with the highest poll numbers insuring that they would stay high up in the polls. The supposed conservative radio talk show hosts then only covered their favorites and forgot their duty to present all.

The newspapers and the TV cameras as usual when in attendance at campaign gatherings reported only the candidates they thought should be exposed and not all that spoke.

This was the case at the Tea Party Press conference in Las Vegas, where only the top three polling candidates were interviewed while the two grassroots candidates were ignored.

You want things to change in Washington, then change things in your hometown first. Support local media that fulfills its responsibility to report and present all views. Sorry, but if the candidate is a millionaire, the odds are that they will not threaten their own financial well being for the benefit of yours. I will give you an example. We have a millionaire who lives on Central Park West, New York for some time and was born in Nevada. He still owns land and has decided he should be the next Senator from Nevada. Why? Bored being a millionaire Wall Street Executive who donated $2,300 to Barack Obama’s presidential campaign?

Do you think he is going to upset his Wall Street buddies for main street Americans?

Who knows more about how things are, the people in your neighborhood or in the ghettos like Central Park West, NY, where they keep the rich people? Those who work for a living in your state or those that go off to Washington to work for an opportunity of a life time and retire with the best benefits, health care and wealth, politics can buy.

I can’t afford to move my family to Washington DC, so I can wake up next to the woman I love for the next six years. No, I will live alone thousands of miles away from those I love, just a train ride away from Washington D.C. for six years. That is right, six years only, to do what I know can be done to fix things in Washington and believe me, I know what to do to support and defend the Constitution, eliminate the IRS, the FED, cut spending, create jobs, arrest criminals, defend this nation and ship back illegal aliens.

If U.S. Service men and women can live in horrid conditions around this world to keep us safe from foreign enemies, then I can put up with six years of Washington DC and Barney Frank and Nancy Pelosi and the rest of the domestic enemies of the Constitution, until I can implicate, indict and incarcerate them to the fullest extent of the law.

High blood pressure kept me out of the draft in 1972 when I was 20 years old, but the four pills a day I take to control it, will not keep me out of Washington to serve my country.

During the last depression they sent Eliot Ness to go to Chicago to clean up Chicago corruption, now this time you can send Mike Wiley to Washington to clean up Chicago corruption.

Send me to Washington and I will start accepting applications for my group of “Untouchables”.

In order to send me to Washington, you will need to send donations up to the maximum of $2,400 per election, primary and general. $30.00, $50.00, $100.00 or send what you can.

Make the Tea Party a success by electing true Patriots and not “Conservatives in Name Only”

Visit our website at www.wileyforsenate.com and research this campaign. I am confident that you will do as other 9-12ers and Tea Partiers have done and donated to this campaign.

Any donation over $30 will receive a signed copy of my book, “The Diary of Hillary’s Right Wing Conspirator”

Paid for by the Wiley for Senate Campaign